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Introducing the SGS-EL announces the SGS-EL (; a brand new, replacement tape-loop for use in vintage analogue tape delays such as the Space Echo and Echoplex. No more endless and expensive searches for original replacement tapes! Our loops are hand made from professional grade materials and are guaranteed to give new life to echo units suffering from deteriorating tapes.

The Story
For over 30 years, analogue tape delays have been heralded as one of the most creative musical devices ever manufactured. Originally developed as a standard studio effect, dub artists pushed the limits of the devices and transformed them into a playable, tweakable musical instrument. Since then, they have been one of the most sought after instruments in the underground music community.

Like most analogue equipment, however, these echo devices demand routine maintenance measures to ensure a long life; the most important of these being the replacement of the audio tape-loop contained within the machine. The average life span of a tape-loop is 300 playing hours; pushing a tape beyond this can dramatically reduce the echo quality. Echo distortion, volume dumps, tape hiss, and inaccurate EQ replication can all occur as the tape wears out. Pushing the life even further, oxidation (rust) can form on the tape causing the media to actually flake off and possibly cause damage to play-heads and mechanical components.

As the production of analogue tape delays was ended, so too was the production of replacement echo-tapes. It has proven to be extremely difficult to locate an original replacement tape such as the Roland RT-1L (used in Roland Space Echo devices). Because of the rarity, official replacement tapes go anywhere from $40-50; quite expensive considering most are over 20 years old and may suffer from oxidation damage before they have ever been used!

With this in mind, proudly introduces the SGS-EL; a professional quality tape-loop which is guaranteed to breathe new life into your tape delay. Our team has researched the absolute best materials and methods for developing these loops. Upon the first play cycle of the SGS-EL, the clarity and warmth of sound achieved will amaze you. Whereas many replacement loops made use of audio tape designed to handle a long life, sometimes the quality of the media was overlooked in terms of fidelity. makes use of a professional grade studio mastering audio tape. This is the same exact tape used in professional recording studios to create FINAL masters to be sent off for commercial production. Combine this meticulous care in accurate fidelity with a rugged tape design, and you are left with an incredible sounding, and long lasting (300+ hours) replacement loop. Each loop is measured, spliced, and joined by hand. Before packaging, we inspect every loop to ensure quality.

Availability and Price
Because the SGS-EL is made from new materials, you never need to worry about scouring auction sites and used gear lists for original replacement tapes! No more worrying about conserving your current tape’s life; you will always be able to secure a replacement tape through

What’s more, because we make each loop by hand, custom loops may be created to give you different sounds. Longer and shorter loop lengths are possible which may produce different effects during Sound on Sound recording. Intentional abuse to the tape surface is also possible for those wanting artifacts and glitches to be present in the effect playback. *Disclaimer! Please note that your tape echo was designed to handle a certain standard loop length and quality. Though unlikely, installing a custom loop could adversely affect the loop and/or tape delay unit.

The SGS-EL is priced at $23 and includes shipping within the continental United States (custom loops may be priced differently). Foreign orders will be individually priced for shipping. Included with your loop are handling instructions and a snazzy box with original art.


We are currently accepting orders. Please email if you are interested in purchasing an SGS-EL. We accept money orders, personal checks (we will not ship until check has cleared), and cash (at senders risk). Foreign orders must be in USD.