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Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me.  Here you will learn how is the life of an actor.

Since I was a little kid, I always  liked the entertainment industry.  For me TV, Radio, Music and Film, were my hobbies.
                                                                                         One of my other jobs is as a Technical Director of a National Radio Show called “Into Tomorrow”.  I  started as an intern in 1996, without even knowing anything about broadcasting. In 1997 I was already an Engineer and Editor and at one time I said: “this is my life, I love Radio and TV and that is what I am doing for the rest of my life”.  At that time I was attending MDCC North and then  I decided to change my major to Broadcasting. 

These Pictures were taken in the Miami Beach Convention Center (Comdex 1999).  A reporter from GEMS TV was interviewing me about the “Into Tomorrow Show”.  It is just one of the times I came on TV.  What is really funny is that I am talking on TV about Radio….. Well I guess I love both :)

Developing a role is not always an easy task to perform.  It requires preparation, study of the character that you are going to perform and the most important thing being relaxed.  Do not let your nerves run you....unless you are doing a crazy guy :)

Some people say that I should do a  really good bad guy.  What do you think? Well in reality, I am a very nice guy, but is true that sometimes it is easy for me to act as a bad character.  I can say that the most valuable and important thing we have as actors is our make it believable and use your imagination to make that character as live as possible.
Coming soon my Voice over Demo tape