Cute but psycho... things even out!

"But I don't want to go among mad people," Alice remarked.
"Oh, you can't help that," said the Cat: "we're all mad here. I'm mad. You're mad."
"How do you know I'm mad?" said Alice.
"You must be," said the Cat, "or you wouldn't have come here."


The majority of this site is pics of me and all my friends... It also has millions of stupid things that we've said and quotes and songs that i love. It may not be the coolest site in the world, but it sure as hell entertains me.


"A good friend will bail you out of jail, but a best friend will be sitting next to you saying that was fuckin awesome!"
Thank you to all my cell mates ;-) I couldnt've made it this far without you...

Robin Williams:
The 1st purpose of alcohol is to make english your 2nd language. Have a couple of margarita's on a hot day and you'll be speaking fluent drunkanese!
The 2nd purpose of alcohol is to make your mind a goddamn etch-a-sketch. Have a few cocktails, then shake your head and you can start all over again!
The 3rd purpose of alcohol is to bring out the asshole in everyone. You could be the sweetest person in the world....have a few shots of JD & you'll be saying "fuck you! fuck off!" (ok father bob, i think you've had enought!)

These are people who are so stoned they can eat kitty litter and say "It's real crunchy!"

It's 5 oclock in the morning, u just pissed on a dumpster......ITS MILLER TIME!

You wanna have a little fun? Give some LSD to the umpire. He'll be standin at home plate goin, dont steal home! share it!!

Its okay! Its okay! I can drive! If I could just find my feet I can drive!

I think that rootbeer is is the greatest thing. I sit and drink in my room and the telephone rings. It is not a beautiful girl, just someone who wants to sell me crap. I go to high school, get real tired, so I have to take a nap. I dont wanna do my homework, it really sucks, it really sucks, why do I give a fuck?!?! Dont u know, we're talking about your future here? Please shut up! You're talking from your rear. I'm going to scream, I'm going to shout, or laugh out loud. I'll do all the little things right and be so proud. Matt and I wrestle, he kicks my ass! I drool on him. I drool on him! One day he'll let me win...Lets jump around the room and watch old cartoons, cause we're younge today. So why dont we go out and play, go out and play today!

Could someone tell me how to escape from planet eart. You see I always end up getting hurt. A space boy like me was ever ment to endure all this. I stand here so confused and pissed. Please help me fix my spaceship. I'm never getting back to Mars. If they ever find me, they will put me behind bars. I have a ray gun and I'm not afraid to use it. I'll take this ray gun and blow this confusion to bits. All these people make me feel so down. I'm going back to mars and I'm going to wear the golden crown. Wake up in the early morning, I cant understand what i'm doing here. My whole body wreaks of fear. The walls are closing in, feels like I've got a gun to my head, the walls are closing in and it feels like i've got a gun to my head.

We are kids swimming in anarchy, lighting off fire works, they blow up inside fo me. Exchanging punchlines to heal the burn. We play chess with death, he steals our turn. The endless spiral drags us around. What is going to happen, fall to the ground, and i sued to believe in all these dreams. but when deals die things arent as they seem. We are in a park that is piled full of tires. There's a monster behind me filling me with desire. The path will take us there and help us find out deapest self. We are always in the middle running from the self. Baxter was just a little boy trying to find the light. Its pretty hard running on emtpy, every day, every night. So he looked deep inside and found nothing made sense. I saw it all when they stole his innocence.

You're just like all the rest, pacing around the room. I dont want to know whats next. Well this is no surprise I guess. This pain consumes me I confess. Never there from the start, never there in your heart. Now I'm crushed and you disgust me. So stupid why couldnt I see. When the tree's are laughing at you, and the children toys eat at flesh, there's no place to hide from the mind. Disillusioned eyes opened so wide theres no place to hide.

Obsessive, ob obsessive, compulsive disorder. Obsessive, ob obsessive compulsive disorder.

Its almost imposible to look at a penguin and be angry

As soon as you're born you start dying, so you might as well have a good time

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.

Cure Virginity

Your mother was a hampster and your father smelled of elderberries.

"I'm going two seconds an hour!"-Kt

"Gravity's a bitch"

"I'm not commiting suicide, i'm just eating goldfish"-E&C
"Wanna have some fun?"

She looked into his Firey Blue eyes and he said:

"You're not the brightest kid in the box now are you?"

"Polly wanna cracker? Polly wanna cracker?"

Silly Poe Poe, beer is for kids!

"I was morman once, in the 8th grade!"-Kt

"I'm gonna go crawl into a corner and die!...Oh that one looks nice!"

"I can't come to your face right now, please leave a message after the beep and i'll get back to you as soon as i can.....BEEP"


Wanna go get high? I can remember it if i could just get high!... ooh yup thats it! thats it... thats the song!... will u take me to, funkytown!!

-I have this problem where you can always see my underwear!
-i have a solution!
-what wear less skanky clothing?
-NO!! Get smaller underwear!!

C: I'm so glad I dont have stairs in my house!
E: ...You DO have stairs in your house!
C: yea, but they only go down!


Drinking and stripping go together like milk and cookies!

"Because i got fat, because i got fat, because i got fat..."-Craig

"Oh yea, what a great idea! They would definately arrest us on the spot if they found us trying to smoke up a dead possum in the middle of the road!"-Binx

Cheshire-I miss your cat
Binx-Ya I miss my cat too... i really miss my cat!

Sex is like math, add the bed, subtract the clothes, divide your legs, and pray there is no multiplication

PT Crew are you ready?
You know!
C.I.T.Y.Y.E.A.R. city year
"where are you going poop chute?"-Kt

"Captain Poop Chute you're the one! You make poop time so much fun. Captain poop chute i'm awefully fond of you!"


Bend over suck harder & jello queens 1 year anniversary 4/20

"As far as i know, the guy named Joe stole a 90 year old lady from Hybiscus Ave and now she wont get back in the car"
"That kid needs to be taught a lesson, what the fuck was he thinking stealing an old lady?"

"But guys, spiderman LIKES wearing high heels!"

"sh-sh-sh-shit, guys I cant say sh-sh-sh-shit"-Binx

"Who are you guys? I don't even know you!! OH MY GOD! This is so wierd! Where am I??"-Toto

"Where's my car!?!? I'm leaving! I'm so confused!"-Shire

Cheshire-OMG, Deja Vu!
Deb-No, i just did that 5 minutes ago...
Cheshire-Im so confused!

Cheshire-OMG! I'm being so philosophical!
Deb-No your not your just being retarded

"I finally thought of a name for my baby!... Heroin!"


"Ritalin, screaming out your name, ritalin, you dont even feel the pain, wilder than your wildest dreams, whenever your going to extremees, it takes ritalin..."-V
Just listen for the sound of the IV pole rollin down the hall

B-"Im drunk as a skunk"
C-"Im sober as a goat..."
K-"What the hell is a goat?"

I think we're going crazy, her right eye is lazy, things dont even faze me, nicotine and gravy!

-So whats you're job on the rugby team?
-I get the ball... and i run, ya i run.... i dont even know, im fuckin hammered
-Are you gonna puke?
-Bling Bling! Did you just here that? ME? Puke?! Hahaha! Bling Bling! Me puke?


You better watch out or the insects will get you

I love that dirty water,
Oh Boston You're my home!

"We're going to a party, the partys in my BED bitch!"

God made dirt, and dirt bust your ass!

Holy, holy, holy, CRAP!

"Holy drugs im on drugs!"

-Its snowing!
-no no, we're going skiing
-In his car
-You're trippin
-NO YOU'RE trippin!

"Well we could leave now when its dark & dark, or we could leave later when we can see the signs... but ya know, i forgot my sunglasses."-Steph

Sara-would u be my friend if i looked like this?
Everyone-uh, we ARE friends with u...

This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time.

DJ-Were you making out with my girlfriend? What the fuck man! You wanna take this outside?
E-Hey man i didnt know she was your girl! i just...
DJ-You didnt know? You just saw me kiss her didnt you? She's my fuckin girlfriend get the fuck outta this house before i kick your ass!
E-Man i didnt know! She kissed me yo!
DJ-I saw what i saw, she said no fucker! Get the fuck outta my face!
C-uhhh, you do realize that we arent really going out right?
DJ-Yea baby, i just like fuckin with people, did you see how scared that kid was?!?!
(Poor kid never came back...)

"I cant drink that! Its all bungled!"Toto

"BUBBLES!...haha it jingles"-N

Half Naked Party ("Hey! I've seen your tits!"), Cocktail Party (Dan got to wear the short black halter dress while i got the tie... unfortunately he stretched out my dress), Ryan and Jake's 21st birthday party (Jello Wrestling and Wet T-shirt contests -- "Alright, new rule! Who ever has their top on last... wins!... OOOH SHIT!"), School Girl Party (followed by Tru Dat), many random amazing parties with the most amazing people ever!


I don't pronounce my R's. I call a liquor store a packie, a garbage can a barrel, a milkshake a frappe. I root for a team that hasn't won a Series since 1918, and I yell Yankees Suck when they play the Tigers. I think Larry Bird is the greatest basketball player ever, I think Ted Williams is the greatest hitter ever. To me everything west of 128 is the boonies and the cape is a little piece of heaven here on earth. The best summer night would be me and a couple of beantown kids watchin a game at fenway with lots of hot dogs and brews. I ride on the T. I know better than to swim in the Charles, but I love that dirty water. Every time I see that big red Citgo sign a smile comes to my face. Damn right I'm a Bostonian.

T'was the night to beat Yankees and all through the nation
Not a creature was thinkin of 85 years of damnation
Cuz this is the year to end our bad luck
And even if it werent the YANKEES STILL SUCK
On Damon on Nixon on Manny on Nomah
On V-tek on Walker on Ortiz and Millah
Carry this team and end this damned curse
Dont blow the game or you'll leave town in a hearse
To the TRUE fans of BOSTON get a beer and a cup
And say it together


"Dont drink the bong water! Hahaha, guilty as charged!"-Phil

P-"What you're not even gonna try to hide it?"
V-"But... its kicked!"

"Wow, i think thats the most pleasure a girl has ever given me."-Kevin

"How is being high different from being alcohol?"

-Sooo... who exactly won the blackout queen competition?
-I have NO idea.

Crest white strips!
"Sorry I can't....I'm diabetic"

"My jews fell out of the fridge"(way to be racist)

"You pee in the hall twice and you get labeled"

Diversity tea party: "Ya i need tea about as much as i need diversity."

"I dont know about these girls, i mean Clare just gets mean, and Michelle...well she's just tall"

Vitamin Sticks

"We should start a brothel in the dorms, we'd make bank!"

--Wets bed? Good thing Brit isnt filling this out!

"Tiffany... theres a boy in your bed!"

"Im sorry, I dont speak retard."

-Where'd the pimp gene go?!?
-Shit... i found it!

NOTE: Century Clubs are harder than they sound!

"The problem with some people is that when they're not drunk, they're sober."

NOTE: Slip and slides cause injury