John Partridge Photo Gallery
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John Partridge Photo Gallery

Welcome to our homepage, enjoy your stay. This website is dedicated to the very talented singer/actor/dancer...John Partridge!!!

All the pictures on this website have been gathered from numerous websites which are given credit to where it is due.

If you have any pictures that you would like to contribute, we will gladly put them up and give you full recognition of ownership.

All of the pictures have come from: ORIGINAL JOHN PARTRIDGE WEBSITE, THE OFFICIAL RENT WEBSITE, JOHN PARTRIDGE HOMEPAGE and HUI'S JUNKYARD. The pictures of John as Rum Tum Tugger came from THE REALLY USEFUL GROUP WEBSITE. And just a note...sometimes Angelfire plays games and pages turn up blank or you get those red crosses....just refresh or reload the page once or twice....sorry for the inconvience.

UPDATES!!! Recently updated 20 of April 2000....a brand new Starlight Express photo gallery and a brand new Fan Encounter photo page.

Please come back very soon to visit our future Veerle Castelyn Website

Links to Photo Galleries

John's Biography
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Gallery 6
Gallery 7
RTT Gallery 8
RTT Gallery 9

Starlight Express
Fan Encounters!!!

Thank you for visiting our John Partridge Page. Please come back and dont forget to sign the guestbook before you leave, we'd love to hear your comments!

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