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Just because the show's over, doesn't mean I'm not a fan any more. You'll see me in Bochum.

Ok, this is my liddle site. I'd like to say it's all about Wrench, the repair truck, but it's not, so I won't. It's mainly loads of pics, which are mostly German, and mostly of Buffy. Please see Buffy's Domain . The reason they're not up there is that Buffy's is an MSN page, where they don't exactly give you much room, and this one is Angelfire, where they do.
Blurb over. Go look at my pics.

Good lord, it's an update. After how many years?

The photos labelled 'Twins1110' were not necessarily taken by that person. The tag is there to show who I received the photos from.

London Wrench
(starring Kate Alexander! Woo!)

These are some interviews I collected from various cast members on 7th August 2001, the day StEx was announced closing.

Don't laugh. The first one I see laughing gets it with the namesake.
(That is, a wrench. But you knew that anyway, right?)

Egocentric ramblings ahoy. Don't like, don't read.

Warning! Entirely ficticious! Warning!

Ways outa here!

German Production photos

Now for Pursey and Volta's latest brainchild, Components on Campus! Basically, it's a very funny ongoing cartoon about when Electra sends his minions to get some higher education........Go look! Though I suggest you take a look at the bios first, because apart from being very funny, they will help stop you getting too confused.

PS: Pretty much everything on here is funny. Uh huh, even the Disclaimer and Info pages.

Stella - the German musical producers - have gone bust again. This is here for you to copy and stick on your site if you should so have one, to persuade people to go and see their shows so they actually get some money and don't get bought up by some totally unscrupulous business-types who would concentrate on making loads of money and stop all the fan-friendly stunts like Open Door Days and so forth, because we wouldn't want that to happen, now, would we?

The Fan Club

The Starlight forum

Ooh, this place is cool too, if you can avoid the trolls - the forum
Wrench0626 got her NeoPet at

Email me... please?

Disclaimer: This site is not related to RUG, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Stella or anyone even remotely important and is not official in any way, as I hardly know what I'm doing. I don't make any money from this site, I don't HAVE any money so the idea had crossed my mind, but quite frankly it wouldn't work as no-one would pay for it. It exists purely to show off all the great pics I been sent by my friend in Germany. Starlight Express is (c) Really Useful Group, not me. Also, please don't sue me because as I said, I have no money.