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Reserved Officer Training Unit


It was Wednesday routine for us to wear formal army clothes back in college then. A friend with a camera took this photo for me. Just came back from our morning drill to my hostel and ready to go for lectures.



This one was Saturday routine where we have lectures (military lectures that is) and trainings. We were in between training sessions when this photo was taken.



So much for compass marching during an annual camp. It was so tiring but so much fun too. We were preparing our lunch. Hmm... anyone care to have rice with packed red cooked meat?



Boy, thank God, we made it to check point. Posing just before marching through the remaining miles.



Now that the march was over, how about shooting some targets?



To simplify the story of three years' training this is the photo of our “Majlis Makan Malam Beradat to celebrate our graduation as Youth Officers. We graduated on the 17th May, 1997 in Universiti Putra Malaysia.


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Last Revised: February 21, 2001

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