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What's In A Name?


A plant of the vegetable variety.


A knock-about cat


A Seeress, originating, from either Greek or Roman.


1)Greek Mythology:- The goddess of the harvest, daughter of Rhea and Cronus and mother of Persephone.
2)Greek mythology:- Goddess of fertility and protector of marriage in ancient mythology; counterpart of Roman Ceres.


Also from Greek mythology. She was the daughter of Agamemnon. She saw her brother Orestes in danger after her mother Clytaemnestra killed her father, and sent her brother to Phocis where he was protected by a King. Electra was compelled by her mother (who wanted revenge on her daughter)to marry a peasant, but the peasant in question never wished to be more than a husband in name. So it was when Orestes returned, the mother was put to her death, and Electra ended up the wife of her brother's friend, Pylades.


Originating from Latin meaning 'and so on'.


Mephistopheles (Devil out of Goethe's Faust)

Noilly Prat

An elegant cat (not used in the CATS musical however)


Greek philosopher


T.S Eliot liked this name because of it's Morte d'Arthur flavour.

Rum Tum Tugger

If you use the LITERAL meaning of this word from a dictionary:
Rum - 1) Alcoholic drink distilled from sugar cane OR Odd, strange.
Tum - (no definition).
Tugger - hard pull.
So Tugger is in fact a odd, strange, hard pull!


A mixture of silly and Beelzebub. (NB: The Japanese version of CATS uses Sillabub instead of Jemima)


Witches' Cat.


Used because of the references to 'Queen Victoria' in some of the poems.


By the way the word origin of Jellicle and Pollicle is a (cockney?) contraction of

  • 'Dear Little'-->Dea Lickle --> Jealicle --> Jellicle
  • "Poor Little"-->Po' Lickle --> Policle --> Pollicle