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Do you own a cat or know of one that looks like ~ or even has the same name as ~ one of the CATS characters? Or is there a location/road near where you live that has a CATS reference? Or anything else you've seen or know of thaat could be related to CATS? Let me know, and I'll post it right here!

Current sightings:

  • Were you aware ABBA made a record called Cassandra?

  • Bread company in Italy called 'Demeter'.

  • Electra Road. This is on the Perimeter Road, going towards the Bath Road near Heathrow.

  • Electra Block on a naval base in Collingswood, Portsmouth.

  • E.T.C are the initials of Ealing Tertiary College in West London.

  • Etcetera Theatre in London.

  • Undergrads on MTV, and in Kimmy's room, there was a poster on the wall that had a dark background, said "Rats" instead of "Cats" - although it was the same font - and had two cat-like eyes on it. Minor, yes, but considering the dearth of references to the musical (unlike Lion King, heh), I found it rather nifty.

  • 'City Guys' and on a wall in a cafe was a poster from Cats. Some show had a sign for CATS and KITTENS.

  • In the game Duke Nukem - Manhattan Project there's also a RATS-poster with cat-eyes.

  • They've had a mention of CATS in The Sixth Sense, they said I think he would rather sit through a production of Cats than that play, or was it the play was better than the musical Cats, something like that. And in Labyrinth they have a CATS poster in Sarah's room.

  • In the movie Ghost, there's a CATS poster on the train station wall (the bit where the guy starts finding out about his powers and such from that other guy). Meh, been so long since I watched that I cant remember the details.

  • "Noises Off!". Backstage in Act 2 - there's a CATS poster there (and a Les Mis one...and some others I don't remember).

  • Will and Grace ~ Will is trying to scare off some creepy interior designer who's in love with him and he's whining "I want to move in with you! I want to own cats with you.. two siameses..Grizabella! *pause* And Skimbleshanks, the Railway Cat!"

  • Did anyone in the UK happen to see the last episode of the Armando Iucchinni (sp?) show on Channel 4 a while ago? Had the cast of Cats being shot at dawn near the beginning...

  • They had it in Caroline in the City...Caroline's friend was in Cats. And she was forever carrying round a Cats bag. And one time it showed her in cossie!

  • CATS has also been mentioned in FRIENDS! They said 'where do you think he'll be?" and Joey says something like "try all the big musicals... Cats!" Also when Joey is in that play were he goes on a Spaceship, he tells that one chick who he likes that he had "declined CATS" to be in this show.

  • There have been a couple mentions of CATS in the Simpsons...the "squishy" episode, where Bart and Milhouse go to see CATS...and then in the first or second season, there's a scene where a guy is talking, and he says something along the lines of "I am currently playing the Rum Tum Tugger in the second national tour of CATS." It wasn't that wording, but I'm pretty sure he said second tour and Tugger, so yeah. And then my favorite mention is of Mr. Burns saying something like "That's as preposterous as a musical about dancing cats!"
    There's also the one when the Snowball 2 rescues Homer, and Kent Brockman is interviewing him and say's "You must have loved the musical CATS" and Homer replies "No! I thought it sucked!"

  • In Family Guy, Peter runs over Munkustrap. " it jumped out in front of me I swear!"

  • There was an episode of Blue Peter which my best friend recorded for me, and it was about cats, the animal. And they had to mention the musical, so one of the hosts went and got into a costume and had her face done. She said 'meeeoow! I'm Bombalurina!' even though she was in a Demeter costume.

  • I was watching the movie "Chain of Fools" for the 1st time today. Elijah Wood was in it and hes talking to a guy, and says "Hey, you wanna see a show? Cats?" and then later on a guy asks him if he wants to see a show, and lij says "what about Cats?" and the other guy says that he loves the dancing and singing!

  • Who's Line is it Anyway... Scenes from a Hat... "What the Cast of CATS is doing now that she show has finally closed", and Ryan and Greg (I think..) were licking themselves and coughing up hairballs and such...

  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire: What character was not in the musical Cats? a. Grizabella b. Skimbleshanks c. Old Deuteronomy d. Sassafras

  • I just now turned on a television show called "The Planet's Funniest Animals". And the opening line was "Welcome to 'The Planet's Funniest Animals, the best show to see since the Broadway musical 'CATS'."

  • The movie Logan's Run quotes "Jellicle Songs".

  • Townhouse complex in Florida, USA, called Victoria Grove.

  • Victoria Lane in Middlesex.

  • Two firms that my Dad's company deal with, one is related to Alstom called 'Partridge Plastics' (think Tugger!) and another called 'Victor'.

  • Heh, someone's so fond of CATS they named their boat after the villain...