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Archived News ~ January 2003 - May 2003

May 2003

Rumours with no backup to them are flying around saying that the likes of Kylie Minogue and other pop stars, celebrities etc are due to be producing a CATS movie. Pay no attention to them. Unless ALW/RUG announce anything officially, the rumours are just that...rumours...


April 2003

The UK tour has added several new dates to its run, which takes it to the start of next year. For more info, see my tours page.


February 2003

The UK tour is now underway. Apparantly there IS no Etcetera, with Rumpleteazer doing the screaming lark...or so I've heard. Also a lack of Electra, too.


January 2003

The UK Tour Cast!!
10th January ~ Post by Carbucketty on the forum...

Admetus/Macavity - David Hulston (??)
Alonzo/Rumpus/ - Matthew Cole
Asparagus/Bustopher Jones/Growltiger - Patrick Clancy
Bill Bailey - Thao Vilayvong
Bombalurina - Emma Tunmore
Carbucketty - Paul Farrell
Cassandra - Summer Strallen (??)
Coricopat - Joe Ryan
Demeter - ?
Electra - ?
Grizabella - Chrissie Hammond
Jellylorum - Rebecca Vere
Jemima - Sally Bayes
Jennyanydots - Lucy Harris (??)
Mungojerrie - Tom Dwyer
Munkustrap - ?
Old Deuteronomy - Nicholas Pound
Quaxo/Mistoffelees - Guy-Paul Ruolt
Rumpleteazer - Katy Jo Howman
Rum Tum Tugger - ?
Skimbleshanks - Matthew Gould
Tantomile - Madeleine Harland
Victoria/White cat - Emily Anderson

Swing - Nicholas Charters
Swing/Resident Director - Stori James
Swing - Amy Ellen Richardson

13th January
*Further post by Carbucketty on the forum*

Demeter - Barbara King
Munkustrap - Norman Bowman
Rum Tum Tugger - Stuart Ramsey

Swings - Ben Tribe
Swing - Adrian Edmeades.

Seems to be a distinct lack of Etcetera in the playlist...hmm...could it be she's been left out? Who will scream for Tugger? ;)
Am I going to see it then? Yep, sure am. If you're going on the Thursday 20th March to Manchester, I'll see you there :)

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