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Family Theories

Old Deuteronomy's relationships and offspring:

Old Deuteronomy and unknown queen, father and mother to Tugger and Munkustrap ~

Point One - Tugger's fur.
Point Two - Munkustrap has to have inherited the right to be second in command.

Old Deuteronomy and unknown queen, father and mother to Cassandra and Alonzo ~

Some cringe at this pairing. Most CATS fans might see Cassandra and Alonzo as mates, but I think they are purely siblings. This is because when Grizabella appears in the video, Alonzo is holding Cassandra, not particularly protectively, but he is the protector of Demeter when Macavity attacks. I believe Cassandra, along with Demeter and Bombalurina, is precious to the tribe for some reason.

Old Deuteronomy and unknown queen, father and mother to Tantomile and Coricopat ~

They seem to be littermates, always together. I imagine their mother was a flighty soul, and died young, perhaps they are his one of his first litters that a mate bore him.

Old Deuteronomy and unknown queen, father and mother to Pouncival and Tumblebrutus ~

Well, Tumble is very much like Tugger! He swanks about after all the ladies, and tries to move like Tugger, even copying some of his moves. Pouncival and Tumble seem to me to be brothers, because of their brown patches of colour, and they are together during Tugger's song. Also Pouncival does steal Bombalurina off *lol* Typical Tugger behaviour...


Old Deuetronomy's children's relationships and children:

Munkustrap and Jellylorum, father and mother to Electra ~

Erm...okay....I think she was one of his first relationships. If you look at the video when Old Deuteronomy is coming onstage, he does make a gesture to Jellylorum, while Electra is between his legs *giggle*
He seems to pay a lot of attention to Electra during the Old Deuteronomy song as well, and she looks put out when he looks at Victoria. Also he's with her at the end song version of 'Memory'.

Munkustrap and Demeter as mates ~

OH COME ON! It's over rated a little, but its sweet! What do you mean you don't believe it? Have you seen the way he protects her at the start of the video, and during Macavity's fight for her? He wants to have her to himself, *teehee..* Heck he gets his half brother Alonzo in as protector!
And then you can see them fawning all over each other during Mr. Mistoffelees.... :) Awww....I've put this into the end of 'Demeter's Loves and Losses'.

Tugger and Jennyanydots ~

Erm, didn't you see the video? Maybe he wants a experienced queen....or maybe he just wanted to boast about going with the cat who 'ascended to the Heaviside Layer'. Good chat up line....

Tugger and Cassandra as mates ~

Okay, weird pairing, but I reckon she's a flirt, just like him. Also they seem to spend a lot of time together in the video, and he's often seen near her or holding her. Maybe it's because she's one of the older queens? I don't know...

Rumpleteazer and Alonzo, father and mother to Etcetera ~

Ack! I hear you say. Rumpleteazer, a mother? She's too YOUNG!
Does that really matter to cats? If a male wants to mate a female, he will. Although this relationship is described a little in 'Rumpled', I reckon Rumpleteazer did fall in love with Alonzo for a while (who wouldn't?).
Etcetera being the kitten, if you look at her, she does have similar marking and colouring to the 'parents' - white with stripes. What do you mean you cant always judge by the colouring? I do, okay?

Alonzo and Bombalurina ~

Okay, weird pairing, but he does make moves on her during the Jellicle Ball, and then goes off with Cassandra, which Bomba doesnt seem to mind too much. In fact I think she runs out to do her own dance to show him she can dance just as well as him! But it's kinda cute too to think of it.

Tantomile and Coricopat, mother and father to Mistoffelees ~

A unusual theory which I have...where else did Misto get his magical abilities from? I think maybe Tantomile's powers outweigh Coricopat's, meaning she is not surprised by Misto, but Cori is (Misto's solo making Old Deut reappear, watch their faces). Also the colouring, black and white, black and white, black and white. Maybe Misto is a tux cat by mistake....just how the colouring runs...


Other relationships and children:

Bombalurina and Macavity, father and mother to Demeter ~

Hmm...I dont know why, but it just seems to suit. Maybe Bombalurina was a outsider to the tribe and was taken in by Macavity for a while, he got her pregnant, then she escaped, and went for help to the Jellicles. She seems to be protector (of Demeter) and protected (by Munkustrap from Macavity).
I've tried to explain this in a bit in 'Catnapped' and 'Demeter's Loves and Losses'.

Macavity and Demeter ~

Well, he does try to steal her away, possibly from Munkustrap? Maybe because of a special reason? (see 'Demeter's Loves and Losses')
This becomes interesting if you consider that he's mated with his own daughter...errr....enough said...

Jennyanydots and unknown tom, mother and father to Jemima ~

Jemima looks like the closest kitten to Jenny, and the Old Gumbie Cat has to have a daughter, I don't think she's always been without a tom. She also protects her from Grizabella. They also both have good singing skills and tap dancing abilities. Born stars :) Although this isn't mentioned, I think Jemima looks to Skimbleshanks as a father figure.

Jellylorum and Skimbleshanks, mother and father to Victoria ~

Well, Jellylorum is always with Victoria, protecting her from Grizabella, twice, and if you look, she's with Vicki and Skimble near to old Deuteronomy at the end as well. Also Jellylorum's white colouring fits with Vicki.


And then the kittens (see 'Kitten Dating' for the four pairings below...)

Jemima and Misto~

Both small, both have a special talent....and just...well...they have a aww factor, right? (*grins* Ask MrsJemimaMistoffelees...)

Electra and Pouncival~

There's a part in the video when Electra is at the front of the stage in the Jellicle Ball, and Pounce does this clumsy tumble and lands in front of her..and Tumblegirl claims she's trying to look at his butt....which I'll believe, I've seen the evidence!

Tumblebrutus and Etcetera~

Well, he's the hyper tom, always tumbling around and showing off....and she is also hyper, likes to show off.....and he's a Tugger wannabe...and Etcetera adores Tugger...made for each other!

Plato and Victoria~

The Jellicle Ball mating dance. Enough said ;)