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Welcome to the Wickerbasket. :) This site pays homage to the London, UK Tour & video productions of the hit musical CATS. On this site you can find plenty of information and images, along with other assorted junk to amuse and entertain. At the moment everything on the site can be found by clicking the links on the left hand side bar.

By the way. Please do not email me over this site anymore. I have removed my email to help with this. It should be obvious I am not able to keep it maintained and my interest in Cats has waned. But I don't wish to go on haitus, because I want people to be able to access and enjoy the site somewhat.

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Awards I've Won
None yet...*whimpers* Mind you I guess it would help if I entered site contests...

Other Junk I've Collected

I'm the Etcetera of the Cats forum (June 2003-January 2004).

Would you believe it, I did it again!
I'm the Etcetera of the Cats forum (January - June 2004).