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Bomi was stewing inside. Serving drinks at the bar, she didn't see her sister walk in from her date. The bar was only open another hour, but she was already exhausted. She'd been stewing in her room earlier, muttering obscenities about her sister that would make a saint's blood boil, and then just as she'd got onto a really good thought thread of possible ways to remove her sister from her life, Bella had come in saying something about Jemi being groped over the bar, and Bomi had been forced to take over in place.So Jemi got groped? Big deal, this was a bar. Like hello? Bomi had thought.
Although she still felt guilty for even thinking that. She was her step sister. Related by law, not by blood.

She was about ready to die now as the four-hundredth-and-something punter eyed her breasts, and she didnt even feel like smiling in her normal cheerful way. She served his drink, and he sat there watching her. She cast a irritated glance at him, and he smirked, sloping off.
Raising her eyes to the next customer, she was about to say, "Next!?!" when she saw his face, and her heart stopped in her throat.

Ravishing sexy. That was the ONLY word to describe him....and damn how she wanted no other.....
Swallowing, she uttered, "Next?" in a low tone, almost shy. Her eyes checking out that body. Damn.


Tucker grinned at Bomi. "Scotch please." He watched her swaying over to prepare the drink, made sure he looked into her eyes when she came back and placed the drink on the bar. It was obvious she was attracted to him, who wouldn't be. Damn, she was pretty hot herself. Still the long blonde hair flowed down her back, still looks gorgeous in those jeans and a simple top.
"What time do you get off work?" He sipped his scotch, winking over the glass, and saw her cheeks flush.
" a few hours." Bomi had gone un-naturally shy. Tucker kept grinning broadly, "Well you just let me know when you're free, babe, I'll be right here waiting. I've got some time to spare, I think."
Giggling like a teenager in love at first sight, Bomi dashed off to the end of the bar serving drinks there, glancing round every now and then at Tucker, who she would find gazing at her, eyeing up her body. So for the rest of the night, Bomi did the job she was set to do, in a happier fashion and mood than she'd started out in.


The bar was closing in a half hour or so. Bomi was cleaning glasses behind the bar, Bella was back now, having comforted Jemi and she was tucked up in bed. Bomi had no idea where Demi was. And to be honest, right now she didn't care. Looking around she spied the guy from earlier sitting at a table, still eyeing her up.
"Geez he's eager," Bomi thought, and went to speak to Bella about taking a few minutes break.
Bella, of course, was delighted that some other guy, other than the one Bomi had the hots for and she despised, was around for Bomi to 'talk' to. So she let Bomi go. "Only for a few minutes, mind," with a smile.

So it was that Bomi made her way over to Tucker's table, and seating herself, the two began to talk, Tucker being his normal arrogant self, and Bomi not quite knowing how to take it, going all un-naturally shy and awkward. But once she found her feet in the conversation, the two found themselves deep in flirty converse. So neither one of them saw the ginger haired stranger entering the bar, and making straight for their table.
"Bom." A low growl sounded from just behind the pair. "What do you think you're doing?" It rasped and snarled, and Bomi gave a shriek of fright and darted up, turning to face the man.
"Mack, please," she shot a glance at Tucker, felt her chances fading, "It's not what it looks like, please, let me explain," She began, but 'Mack' was having none of it. Tucker started to get up, but one look from Bomi and he stayed back, ready to attack if really necessary.
"You little lady, are coming with me now," Mack grabbed Bomi's arm and she didnt object.
The tinkle of glass could be heard as Bella dropped the object she was holding and darted after the pair, "Bomi what do you think you're doing, where are you going?" She cried, trying to stop her step-daughter from leaving.
"I'm going with Mack, Bella," and when Bomi turned to look at the older woman Bella shuddered at the familiar look in Bomi's eyes, something glazed, possessed about them "See you later," was the last thing Bella heard before Mack dragged the blonde haired sister out of the door.


Earlier Mike had left the bar by the back entrance, and had wound his way towards another nightclub he knew, close to the dangerous part of town. But the atmosphere was friendly, and Mike soon lost himself in the company of his other friends in that bar, and forgot all about the rest of the happenings earlier that night.
He was coming along the road from the club he had visited when a pitiful shriek sounded from a nearby alleyway. Despite being tired, and wanting to get in his car to go and rest, his thoughts had turned to the two lovely girls he'd met earlier. Demi, Jemi. He grinned, names almost identical. What a concidence. Until that scream of course echoed through his brain and he turned, trying to find the source, the direction it had come from. Sounded like there was a female in trouble...

Trouble...he's got her....he won't let her go...I have to find her....hurry....

The scream echoed in his brain, and in the distance as Mike turned the corner he heard yowling of cats, overturning of bins, leading him to a darkened alleyway....silence. Fearing the worst, Mike peeked into the alleyway, to see a young woman lying there, sobbing, confused, her clothes rumpled. Mike shook his head, it was all too obvious what had happened.
"Excuse me?" He began, "I heard your you want me to help you? Call anyone?" He started down the alley towards the woman, who sat up, straightening herself.
"No, I'm fine, I just, he frightened me, that was all." She looked away. " know him, it'll be fine..."
Mike blinked. "You know who it was? Well, why not go to the police, report him?"
She looked up, "Who are you? My protector?"
"Well, no, I mean....I'm just trying to help."
"Well for a start you could try helping me up." She gave a wry grin and Mike smiled, going to steady her, hauling her to her feet. She dropped forward into his arms, looking into his eyes. Something familiar passed between them, and she cleared her throat, attempting to stand on her own two feet, literally.
"Oh, er, sorry."
"It's fine, really. Not often I get the women throwing themselves on me." He grinned back at her, "Now to get you home. Where do you live? I'll take you."
"Oh, thats easy, the Cat's Whiskers, on the main street."
"That pub that has the girls dancing on the bar?"
"You know it?"
"Yeah, as a matter of fact I was in there earlier. They were quite something." Mike started out of the alleyway and the girl looked at him.
"Yeah, actually, were'nt you sitting by the bar when my sister was singing?"
"Your sister?" Looking down, Mike jumped when he found himself looking into the eyes of the blonde girl from the bar. "Wow, I didnt realise it was you. Geez, saved two sisters in one night."
"Two?" Bomi blinked up at him. Her thoughts whirling about the strange guy from the bar that Demi had walked off with.
"Sorry, your half sister, her name's Jemi, right?" Bomi relaxed. "Yeah, oh yeah, that's right.." "She got groped earlier, well, not exactly, a guy pulled a knife on her."
Bomi blinked. She hadn't known that! "Oh god, I hope she's ok..."
"Yeah she was fine. Should have seen me, whacking the other guy about a bit."
Bomi looked up at the guy, feeling his arm wrapped around her, and smiled. Not a hint of boasting or arrogance, just someone proud to be looking after a girl. "I'm sure she appreciated you for it."
"I hope so. So....I know your sister's names, how about you?"
"Bomi...Bomi Rinter.."
"Cute. I'm Mike. Nothing cute about that."
"Well, it sounds macho, at least..." Bomi didn't realise she was talking out loud, and didn't see the grin on Mike's face spreading.

Chapter 9
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