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His hands trembled slightly, taking the drink from the young woman behind the bar. Turning, he took a sip, glancing up to the young man he'd nearly bumped into, and apologised with his eyes before making his way back to his table.
Mike grinned to himself, watching the older man walking away. The young girl behind the bar was a very nice, young thing. But too young for his tastes. He watched her serving, a tad nervously, and he saw her own hands were shaking, as she tried to make polite conversation with the customers.
Looking away, Mike took a handful of nuts from the bowl on the counter, and started to eat them, patiently waiting. Then there was a short screech, followed by the sounds of argy-bargy, and Mike looked round.

What the hell was going on? Where was the screaming coming from....he recognised the voice....that was her screaming....he ran and ran, to find save her...

There was a man two seats up...and he had the young girl by the neck and was trying to kiss and grope her across the bar. No one reacted, for a moment, until the older man behind the bar came up to hold his daughter, and telling the man to let her go.....then the stranger pulled a knife.
Mike felt a lump rise in his throat. Tasting the foul bile, he jumped off his stool in a matter of minutes, picked up a empty glass, and smashed it into the side of the stranger's head.
Silence fell, and the stranger fell off his stool, clutching his head in agony.
Looking over, Mike saw the woman who had served him the previous night in the doorway, and glancing to the girl, she was cuddled into the older man's arms, shaking and gasping. Then she whispered, "Thank you" and he smiled softly at her.


Demi giggled, taking Adam's hand. She couldnt believe this was happening to her. The night was calm, but chilly, and she shivered slightly. He wrapped his arm around her shoulders, and she smiled weakly, feeling tired.
She snuggled into him, a slight noise emerging from her throat, and he squeezed her tight to his side, taking her other hand to turn her to him.
She looked up, and saw the glow in his eyes.....tonight had been perfect, a short film, a short dinner, and then a short walk back to the car...and now they were was amazing...
Then she saw him leaning in, gently pressing his lips to hers for a short, burning kiss...

She heard him whisper, "I cant steal you away. I like you so much, it's impossible not to....but you dont belong to me, we will always be together but you will never be mine..." He stroked a line down her tearstained cheek, and added "I will always be there, protector, friend, and guardian."

Breaking away, despite herself, she murmured, "Do you mean that?"
Adam looked down at her. "What?"
"What you just did." She meant the kiss, and looked at him.
"Well what did I do?"
She punched his arm slightly. "You know what."
He shook his head. "I didnt do anything. Forget it."
She looked at him, shrugged, and let go of him. "Goodnight Adam," she said softly, hurt, and walked away inside.


Mike handed the young girl a cup of tea, and as she sat shaking, he added a splash of brandy to it with a grin.
They were safely tucked away in the back room of the bar, her tucked up into a ball on the armchair, and him sitting on the arm, looking at her.
"You okay?" he asked, and she nodded, staring into the cup. Lifting it to her mouth, she shuddered as the drink pierced her sinuses, and inhaled deeply as the rich warmth flowed down her throat.
He nodded. "What was he, a ex boyfriend, or what?"
She looked up, "No. I don't know him. It's the second time I've been groped now. Bomi and Demi have it done to them as well. But they don't seem to care."
"Bomi and Demi? Your sisters?" Mike asked.
"Step-sisters." The girl took another sip of the tea, resting the cup on her tummy, and yawned.

At that point the door swung open, and in walked a redhead. Completely engrossed in her own thoughts, she didn't see the two until she went to the fridge to get the milk out. She jumped.
"Wow! You two were quiet." She grinned lopsidely, and went back to making her drink. The fresh aroma from the coffee blender filled the room a few seconds later, and when she was done the redhead walked over to take a seat in the other armchair.
Mike nodded to her, taking in her movements. She smiled back sweetly, and looked at the brunette. "So, mind telling me who Mr Lover is?"
The brunette blushed, "I'm so rude Demi, I don't even know his name."
Demi smiled. "Well," she remarked, turning to Mike, "I'm really sorry about my little sister." She held out her hand.
"Demi Rinter." She looked to her sister again. "And this is my step sister, Jemi. Same surname," she smiled.
Mike took her hand, shaking it gently, and smiled back. "Mike Trapp. And well, Demi, Jemi, very pleased to meet you."

Chapter 8
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