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"What were you doing, standing there and just staring at him? He could have been a pervert, or something," Bomi ranted at her younger sister angrily.
She couldnt believe Jerry had actually let that weirdo in. Mind you, Jerry was working a lot, to cover for Jones' permanent absence, maybe he was losing his marbles.
Bomi shook her blonde hair back, looking at her step-sister.

"What have we always warned you against? Cant you listen to us? Hide from him, dont let him find you. He'll be back, and he'll get you if you don't hide...."

Bomi shook her head, the thought leaving her. She looked up to see what had interrupted her, and saw Demi coming through the door.
"Well?" Bomi questioned her red haired sister.
Demi smiled. "He's nice."
Bomi stared at Demi. "What?"
Demi grinned. "You heard."
"You sat out there and talked to him?"
"Yup." Demi poured herself a drink. The back room of the bar was lushly furnished, with a small kitchen, small coffee table, and armchairs. The walls were whitewashed, and there was a heater there for the winter months. Sometimes the sisters used the room as a place to get away, rather than their bedrooms.
"I dont believe you."
"Well, thats too bad," Demi said, her back to her sister, turning to look at her bright eyed. "He wants to meet up with me."
"What?" It seemed to be the only word Bomi was capable of uttering.
"I told you. You heard." With that Demi flopped into a armchair, and sighed.
"What should I wear?" she asked generally, staring at the ceiling.
Bomi smirked. "Not too much. It probably wont be on your body by the end of the night."
Demi heard and sat up, glaring at her sister. "What?"
Bomi grinned. "You heard."

Demi was furious. How DARE her own sister say that about her!
"I suppose you only say that because of what happens with MACK when you see him?" she half yelled.
Bomi looked mortified. "Dont, damnit! I dont want everyone knowing."
Demi was steaming mad, and didnt listen. "Don't give me that! He's probably out there now with some other sad little woman....." she stood up and paced over to her sister. "You probably will only get him by default, because he doesnt have no one else, and no one else will want him. Or you, for that matter."

There was the crack of a angry slap echoing across the room. Jemi cowered in her chair. She hated it when Mack was mentioned, it broke her heart to see her sisters fighting.
Demi fell back, holding her cheek, and a angry Bomi turned on her. "Dont you DAMN say anything to anyone about me and Mack. Dont you bloody dare try to tell me what he's like, and what is good for me cos I'm FED UP with you slagging him off."
Demi looked up, her hand still over her now slightly red cheek from what Jemi could see. "Is it worth you protecting him Bom? Really? How do you know he wont disappear overnight, and take you for granted?"
Bomi hissed at her sister. "Shut. Up."
Jemi cowered again, wishing the armchair she was now sitting in would swallow her. Her sisters, fortunately, were too engrossed in their petty arguments, to even remember why they were in the back room anyway.
Demi got up first. "I've got to go plan my clothes for my date. I'll see you later," she turned to Jemi with her words, glared at Bomi, and left.


"What the heck?" Alonzo tripped over a pair of jeans on the hall floor. It was late now, about 5pm, and he'd just been shopping for a present for Demi.
Walking in the door, the house was strangely silent. But that pair of jeans.....
Adam dropped the bag by the door, and picked up the jeans. They were way too small to belong to Tucker, and the button for the zip was on the wrong side.
"Uh....oh...." Adam suddenly knew EXACTLY what was happening. His eyes trailed to the stairs....oh no...there was a shirt lying there. It looked like the blue one Tugger had been wearing. For his date. Adam stepped over, and picked it up. It WAS the shirt....

He grimaced, trying not to strain his ears.....but from upstairs....

That was Tucker all right! Then a softer voice floated down...

"Mmm....oh baby, come for Mummy......"

Oh Jesus! That were not.....were they? Adam was glued to the foot of the stairs, listening....he couldnt tear himself away from listening to the pants and moans from upstairs...his mind wandered....

"Hey," she whispered, and pressed to him. He just stared. She was so beautiful, no wonder that male was in love with her, she radiated love and warmth. The gentle press of her against him was too much, and he sighed, drawing her into his arms. "I like you," he whispered, kissing her, "But I couldnt steal you away."

The voice snapped him out of his thoughts, and he looked up.
Standing there, naked except for a towel, was Tucker, and at the top of the stairs, a older woman hung over the banister, her breasts partially visible.
Adam swallowed, looking up at the woman, then to Tucker, blushed and muttered, "Sorry, was trying to clear up your mess."
He handed Tucker his shirt, and Tucker grinned.
"Okay. I'll believe ya. What you doing home?"
Adam smiled, "Oh you wouldn't believe me if I told you."
Tucker frowned. "Oh? Try me."
Adam shook his head. "No. Stick around and find out."
He pushed past Tucker, nodded to the woman..erm...friend, and darted into his room to change.


Bella looked up as Demi came in. She saw across the room that Ronny had also glanced up, and he whistled, shocking her.
Demi turned. It was Friday night, and she looked so beautiful, she just glowed. She was wearing black fake patched jeans, and a simple red-pink top with a Chinese logo on it. She also had on her black ankle boots, her red hair wavy where she had used some kind of hair curling tool on it, so Bella assumed.
"You like it?" she asked, her voice unusually soft.
"Sweetheart, you look beautiful." Bella whispered, and Demi blushed, unusual for her.
"So who is he?" Ronny asked, and Bella sighed.
"Don't sigh that way Bella. I have a right to know." He leaned forward in his chair.
Demi smiled, "He's a guy I met today, his name's Adam, and he's really sweet and shy and funny, and he makes me happy when I talk to him Dad."
Ronny smiled, and Bella relaxed. "Well, sugarpops, you go on and have fun. Dont be too late."
Demi smiled. "Thanks Dad," she kissed him on the cheek, hugged Bella, and waving, left.


The blasted doorbell. Whoever it was was damn impatient. Tucker shrugged on his shirt, walking downstairs. He hoped it wasn't Jenny again. She'd popped back twice to say she'd forgotten something, and each time when she'd come inside they'd ended up kissing in the hall. Thankfully Adam was still locked in his room, so he didn't see Jenny groping him insistently. In fact he had just managed to get rid of her, so he wasn't sure it would be her...but....just in case he'd holler anyway.

The doorbell rang again as Tucker stood there tucking his shirt in firmly so Jenny couldn't pull it out.
"Okay okay," he muttered, walking to the door. He undid the bolt and flung the door open.
"WHAT IS IT THIS.....?.....oh!......oh...." He stopped mid sentence and stared.

There was no mistaking her. It was that hot girl from the bar.
She smiled at him. "Hi. I've come to see..."
He interrupted her, "Oh, yeah, come in, please do..."
She smiled gratefully, and stepped in out of the cold October wind. "Thanks." She looked at Tucker. "So, where is he?"
"He?" Tucker regarded her.
She grinned, "Yeah. You know. Him."
He looked at her, grinning. "You're eager, right?"
She grinned, "Oh yeah, you bet I am."
He smirked at her. "Well if you want to find him, be my guest."
She looked at him. "Upstairs?" she questioned.
He smiled, "Of course, where else." He followed her body with his eyes, making mental notes. Then he grabbed the banister, and ran up after her.

She was in the hallway, peeking into his room. Tucker went up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist.
"Mmh," he whispered in her ear, "Knew you couldn't wait, couldn't resist..."
His hands trailed to her tummy, stroking her right there, and she froze, startled.
"What are you doing? Get off me."
He ignored her, "You came here for me tonight didn't you? Didn't think you could wait long..." he pressed against her, nibbling her neck..."Heck I've done one today, but I think I could stay with you all night..."
She gasped and pulled out of his grasp. "I didn't come to see you. I came to see Adam," she choked out.
Tucker stood there and just gawped. She had just blown him off COMPLETELY and he didnt like it.
She looked at him. "You didn't honestly think I came here to see you? I don't even know you."
Tucker gulped. "Erm...well, ya know doll, it was just a little bit of fun."
She smiled, "I'll let you off." She brushed past him, and he went slightly weak as she did so. She knocked on Adam's door.
"Adam? It's Demi. Open up."
"Demi," Tucker thought, looking at her. "What a beautiful name for a beautiful creature..."
His thoughts were interrupted as Adam opened the door, standing there in black jeans and a faded white tee, with a black star on the sleeve. He smiled at Demi, nodded to Tucker, and wrapped his arm around Demi's waist....
"Shall we go?" he asked, and they went downstairs, Tucker staring after Adam jealously. He leaned over the banister, to see Adam picking a small box off the hall table, and handing it to Demi. She opened it, and gasped, looking to him. She took it out, and Tucker saw it was a small charm bracelet.
"That way, whenever you need a present, get people to buy you charms. And always look at it and think of me, centre of your world of friends," Tucker heard him say.
"Thank you," she whispered, and hugged him.
Hugging her back, Adam's hands were seen stroking her red hair, then he pulled back, grabbed his keys, and taking Demi's hand, left.

Chapter Seven
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