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I breath out. I swear I felt someone watching me. I swear there was a abnormal presence in that bar area tonight. Like a ...oh I don't know. I mean, I believe in a higher power, but not like that...not like a soulmate stuff. That's crap.

"Bomi?" I call, going to look for my sister.
I always turn to her. She's the shyer one of the two of us, the introvert. No, I'M the extreme one. You can tell because I have red hair. She's got blonde. Ish. She's also got this massive crush on a stranger who comes to the bar. All she knows (all anyone seems to know) about him is his name. Like please.
But like I'm one to tell her what to do. I dated the guy. Once. And he treated me like a meat....ugh. But she insists on drooling all over him when he's near. She even TALKS to him. After the way he treated her! She's been to counselling, but it doesn't help, because she says Zip. Nada. Zilch.
She talks to me instead. And I talk to her. And sometimes we let Jemi into the converse, if she is sworn to secrecy. If Bella found out, she'd kill us. Or leave. One of the two.
I go out into the bar again, and that sense hits me. Hard.
And then I realise it's no good trying to talk to her now. She's on the bar with Jemi, singing her heart out to Leanne Rime's 'Can't Fight the Moonlight," and is prancing about the bar.

I mean ON the bar.

The place here was especially converted. I mean, it's a lovely place, all done up with wood panelling, and it's a really classy place, kind of with a Spanish vibe sometimes. That comes from the adornments Bella brought with her from Spain. Stuff like wood figures and animals, and all kinds of Spanish women dancing with Spanish men. It's kinda dull, but it adds a feel. The bar was specially made, cost a FORTUNE. It's wide enough for Bomi to stand behind Jemi or me without any problem. So we can dance past each other at any point and not have any fear of falling. Although I need to be careful. In my ankle boots, I could do myself a injury.


"Hey!" Adam takes a seat by the bar, and nods towards it. "Look. There's two more."
"Don't be stupid," Mike says, and Tucker looks in the direction of Adam's nod.
"He's right Mike."
Mike looks. Right there, on the bar, not more than 100 yards from his own eyes, two girls are on the bar. The first is older, with long blonde hair and dark roots, and she's wearing blue jeans, a little green top, and she's singing;

"Under a lover's sky,
And no ones gonna be around.."

She starts to dance along the bar, and the other girl joins in. Mike has to stare, along with the others, at the older girl, who is taking most of the song as her own, with the younger girl taking the supporting part of the song, so it sounds like a duet in places;

"You can try to resist,
Try to hide from my kiss.."

The second doesn't catch Mike's eyes till the chorus at the end, when she steps up to take the high, long note;

"You can try......"

- and he marvel at the voice inside the youngest girl. They then start dancing together to finish the song, and Mike sees Adam's mouth drop open at once.

"You know that you...."

Then Mike sees them hip bumping and grins, wanting to remember something that isn't there.
The song fades out, and the two girls remain on the bar, as the third girl, now climbs up too. She comes up from the side, without any difficulty. Looking closer at the bar, Mike sees how it's done - theres a flight of steps built into the bar. Subtle, but a good illusion when you're not drunk.
He wonders what it would be like to walk up there, take her round the waist, and drag her home with him. He gets a silly grin on my face, and sees Tucker look at him out of the corner of his eye.
"What are you smirking at?"


Demi's in full swing tonight. When she sang that song earlier, 'Please Remember," I saw something I never thought I'd see. A guy crying. I swear. He was right there by the bar. I was with Bella, and she pointed at him and said, "Bomi, that is the kinda guy you want."
But I dont want any old guy. Demi can have him. I want....oh there's so many things I want. But there's no time for that...

Demi dances along the bar, I wait for her to sing;

"But baby, you're the right kinda wrong,"

- and step out into the spotlight as the beat changes;

"Might be a mistake,
Of my second making,
But what you're giving I am happy to be taking,
Cos no one ever made me feel the way I feel when I'm in your arms..."

I move my hands over my body as I sing, and I catch someone looking at me, studying me in detail...

"They say you're something I should do without,
They don't know what goes on
When the lights go out,
There's No Way to explain,
All the pleasure is worth all the pain.."

Oh. It rings so true to my ears. I feel like a traitor singing it.

"Every time I run you're the one I run to,
Cant do without, what you do to me
I dont care if I'm meant to see....,"

Jemi is fantastic singing that part of the song. She can hold the notes like me and Demi never could. I break in.

"Know all about, about your reputation,
And now it's bound to be a Heartbreak situation,"

With one finger I mark a cross over my heart area, and the song switches to Demi;

"But I cant help it if I'm helpless every time that I'm where you are
Say my name and I cant fight it anymore
Oh I know I should go,
But I need your touch just too damn much,
Heyyyyyy-yyyyy loving you!"

She feels the groove kick in, like she does every time we do this song. Heart racing, I go to stand next to her, hearing the cheers as we start to perform the sensual dance moves to the song that the regulars know us for so well.

Jemi breaks into the song then, and picks up the dance moves from me as we walk to the middle of the bar. Finishing the song;

"Yeah baby, you're the right kind of wrong."

- I see Demi smile, and I put my arm round Jemi.

Chapter 5
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