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"Wow." Mike gasped. "This place is huge." There's not exactly a queue, but standing talking with Jerry at the entrance, there are a fair amount of people entering, men mostly. Jerry is alone tonight, without backup, so Mike said he'd stay outside just in case of trouble. They're looking for a replacement for Jones, his old buddy. He was a good bouncer, large and fat, dark skinned, dark haired, dark eyed, but the club put him off a bit.
"'Tis not 'o 'uge Mike," Jerry pats him on the shoulder. "'Tis 'shure imagination."
"How do I look?" Mike asks him. Jerrie's was a close friend of Mike's before he moved to London, and his opinion always counted to him. He couldn't imagine life without his good friend. The only reason he's going into that club tonight is because Jerry told him to go and hang out with someone else. And since the only someone else he knows is Adam, he didn't have much choice. Not that he minds. It's nice to be around people.
Jerrie sighs. "You look as bloomin' h'excellent as you al'ays da."
He's right, and tonight Mike actually feels like someone. But there's a gap. For a long time, there's been something precious missing.

Jerry cocks his head, listening, and I look at him. He's about 5ft 7', in regular smart bouncer's uniform (brown and white, like a American traffic cop) and he has short dark hair and dark eyes to match. He gestures inside over his shoulder with his thumb. "Sounds loike they're starting hup in t'ere," he drawls, and gives Mike a shove. "Git," he whispers, as if talking to a stubborn bull, and Mike laughs, entering the club.

The initial reaction to the place is that its just out of this world, done out cowboy style, all the walls panelled, dark brown carpeting on the floor, and there are people everywhere, clustered around tables, and the bar. Mike's never seen anything like it, as he locates Tucker and Adam, who are leaning against the wall supping a pint of beer each, talking.
There's a older woman behind the bar. When she gets chance she walks over to Mike, but meanwhile he's been eyeing what he thinks is her husband at the other end of the bar, who appears to be drinking vodka with another man. The woman pulls Mike a pint, and sets it on the bar. As she takes his money, she sees his glance, turns her head, and turns back with a smile.
"Tis okay, my luv. It's the only pleasure he has. And if he was helping, he'd be more of a hindrance."
She smiles pleasantly, and Mike picks up his drink. Turning to go back over to Tucker and Adam, when suddenly the lights go out.
There are a few shrieks, and Mike looks around in the pitch black, to work out what's going on. Leaning against the panelled bar, trying to get his senses back.
There's complete silence, then someone shuts the main door, and then a single spotlight is trained on a small stage across to the left hand side of where the main door is.

There's a young woman there, and the introduction to a song plays in.
She sits on the black leather bar stool, her legs expertly crossed. Unknown to the non-regulars, she does this twice a week, and has done so since the age of 19. Her other sister's been doing it two years longer, this job, anyway. This is her solo part.
She raises the microphone to her lips, and starts to sing to the backing track, which she knows and loves so much.
Her shoulder length hair is almost completely deep red, with dark brown highlights. She's wearing red jeans, and a white crop top, so low you can see her breasts when she bends forward to sing a line to the unsuspecting man in front of her.

"Please remember..."

It strikes a chord deep within Mike. And he doesn't know why.

"Please remember," she repeats, and Mike stares at her.

"I was there for you and you were there for me,
Please remember,
The time together,
The time was yours and mine and we were wild and free,
Please remember, Please remember me."

She continues, and it is all Mike can do is sit and watch her, awe spreading over his soul. She holds the notes on the end of some of the lines, stressing the words, and the song starts to gently build in power, and then she drops her voice, to softly sing the next verse and he waits for her to sing the chorus, and in time, she does;

"Please remember,
Please remember,
I was there for you and you were there for me,
Oh remember,
Please remember me.."

Her voice is building again, getting more into the swing of the song, she comes off the high barstool, and stands. She cant be more than about 5ft 5' tall, and she just looks perfect on the stage, he thinks. She starts to sing the bridge part:

"Please remember,
Please remember,
I was there for you and you were there for me,"

Her shoulders tense, her voice slowly gathering together, the emotion in the song kicks in;

"Please remember,
A time together,
The time was yours and mine and we were wild and free,
There remember,
Please remember me..."

He feels a tear slip down my cheek, and brushs it away, surprised at himself;

"I stood by you you stood by me,
We took each day and made a child,
We wrote our names across the sky,
We ran so fast, we ran so free,
I had you, and you had me..."

Mike's totally amazed at the small creature on the stage, with the power in her voice, and she finishes the song;

Please remember...."


Tucker watches her come down from the stage, and walk to the bar. He sees her exit through a door at the back, and wishes he could go after her.The flame red hair, the body, the voice, and that incredible emotion in her song.It all seems so close to him. Like he could reach out and snatch it and find it out for what it is, and then kiss it....
Tucker shakes his head, wondering what he's thinking. "She was awesome," he said to Adam.
"Yeah. She had a nice pair," Adam grinned, making cupping motions on the higher part of his torso.
"Man, is that all you ever think about?"
"Pretty much."
"I should have known not to come out with you. You show me up."
"Me? I'm not the one with my flies undone."
"What?" Tucker looked down....but his zip was fine.
"Ha!" Adam pointed. "Gotcha!"
"Shurrup," came the response.

Chapter Four
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