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Plz Remember - Notes & Thank Yous

To solve confusion:

Demi/Bomi/Jemi Rinter - The Jellicles known as Demeter, Bombalurina, and Jemima. The surname 'Rinter' is derived from: BombaluRINa & DemeTER.
The story mixes up the two eldest girls, Demi and Bomi. I have portrayed Demi as the flame haired, extrovert sister, and Bomi as the shy, blonde haired girl, who keeps returning to Mack, her lover. This is because we all read Bomba/Demi stories, and they are all the same. Hopefully it should make you think about the two queen felines in CATS if they were reversed in their roles...and also it makes for interesting reading....

Mike Trapp - Hmm....could this be the Jellicle known as Munkustrap? He has dark hair with silver streaks, and best friend of Adam and Jerry.

Tucker & Adam Zoger - If you can't guess, Tucker is the human equal to Tugger, Adam is equal to Alonzo. I made them brothers. The surname is derived from: TugGER & AlonZO.

The shy girl at the bus stop is featured later on in the story, as the spiritual guidance assistant (Yep, like you are interested) - her name is Milly, and her feline equal is Tantomile. Her babble about soulmates at the bus stop refers to Coricopat, although she's not with him at the time of the speech.

Bella and Ronny, Demi/Bomi/Jemi's parents (of sorts) are the owners of the club that the girls run wild in. If you are really clever you'll notice Bella (Spanish name) is the shortened name for the feline queen Grizabella, and that Ronny is the shortening for Deuteronomy, the oldest tom, and leader of the Jellicles.

Jerry is mentioned sometimes in the earlier storylines. He is the bouncer at the nightclub, and is the human equal to Mungojerrie. Jones, his ex-bouncer buddy, refers to the upper class cat Bustopher Jones.

Lastly, Cassy and Jenny, Tucker's girls. If you really are thick, tired or both, these are the feline Cassandra and Jennyanydots' human personas.

Thanks to:

  • Without Rumblepurr, who when writing to me with criticique over my 'Dates' Series (which is on this site) this story would NOT exist. He encouraged me kindly to go and look at some other works of fanfic art, by those who 'flesh out' their stories. (Those of you who read my 'Dates series' when first published on my site will know the middle 16 chapters were not terribly long!)
    I went to Rio's site first via Rumblepurr, and discovered a lot of series' pieces, and some short stories. The night I went there I was up nearly 2 hours reading a work called "Together Again". This marvellous fanfic relates the tale of Demi Terre as a human vet, and Munkustrap, the silver tabby. According to the story, Macavity left Demeter (feline version) for dead, and on ascending to the Heaviside Layer, she was put into the body of 24 year old Demi. I wont write much more, except to point out the title of the fanfic again. At the point, I think Rio had completed the piece, which currently stands at 14 chapters and according to her, is one of her favourites because she gets to take the characters out of the oh-so-regular settings ;)
    After reading this work, I looked at some of her short stories, and loved those too. The thing was, even having read them, I could NOT get "Together Again" out of my head. Now I've read fanfic before, about the CATS as humans, but it was different, romantic and it STUCK! And also I've always fancied writing that kind of fanfic, and never got round to that was what made up my mind.

  • I have a story on the site as well, titled "Rockits Story," (currently in progress) and I wished to make her into a rock chica, and have been thinking about Leanne Rimes' catchy theme tune from "Coyote Ugly" ~ 'Cant Fight the Moonlight'. I've got the soundtrack to the movie, currently that song is used in part in this fanfic alongside 'Please Remember', and 'The Right Kind of Wrong (all three by Leanne Rimes), with more song titles to be added here as I write. [NB: My thanks to all the artists whose songs will be written into this story at some point, for their songs helped me piece the story together. With regard to the songs, you might want to get the songs somehow, or download the tracks from the web (I recommend Kazaa Lite) if you can, then it brings the story more to life, and you can understand how I would have Demi/Bomi/Jemi sing and dance to them.]

  • Thanks to Demeter_Kitty (aka Steph) from the forum and also my best friend on the London Cats RPG owned by Rosie. She plays Munkustrap, and I have the lovely duty of being Bombalurina, who at the time of this fanfic being written, was Munkustrap's 'mate'. Without the endless convos we had on that board between our characters, a little part of this fanfic would not be possible.

  • Tuggerine! Thank you for making me see there is more to CATS than the endless Demi/Munk and Tugger/Bomba'll see what I mean when the fanfic's finished ;) A pairing you like very much...

  • Finally, a big thank you to all those that read, and/or offer feedback.

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