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It was a beautiful afternoon in the yard. It was so lovely, Misto, the resident magican of the tribe, was out on the tire performing a new trick. Not many cats were awake, many of them lay asleep on the junkpiles, so Misto had no audience, and therefore, no one to bother him.

Or so he thought.

Rumpleteazer was pretending to be asleep, one eye slightly open and fixed calmly on the magican and illusionist. As Misto turned to pick something out of mid air, the calico queen got up.

Misto turned back, surveying the yard, he could have sworn he'd seen.....nope....nothing was different. He looked down, busying himself with the magic trick, when something caught his eye and he looked up. But the yard was still, only a slight breeze made a can tinkle across the yard.
With a sigh, Misto smiled, that's what had caught his attention.
He placed the coin he'd just picked out of the air on the tyre, and hopped down to go and get the can. Maybe a little disappearing practise was in order, he thought.

On returning to the tyre, Misto plopped down and reached for the coin, his other paw holding the can. But as much as he felt around, he couldnt find the coin. He looked down.
It wasnt there.

"Huh?" The tux cat got back up, but the coin was not on the tyre. He patted his rump, and shook himself, but the coin did not fall off him. His brow furrowed....wait a second....coins dont just disappear. And I didnt magic it away, he muttered.

A giggle behind Misto made him turn, and looking over the back of the tyre, discovered Rumpleteazer sitting there, flipping the coin around in her paws. She looked up. "Ey, mornin Misto. Lovely day, ain't it?" She grinned at him irritatingly.
"Rumple, give me back my coin." Misto held out his paw.
"What coin?" Rumple feigned innocence.
"You know what coin."
"Naw, Misto, I dont." Rumple flipped the coin in her paws and looked back, "The only coin I'ove got is dis one, dis one I foiund."
"On the tyre, it's mine, I was doing a trick with it."
Rumple shook her head, "Naw, it's mione guv."
Misto started to get angry. "Look, Rumple, for Everlasting Cat's sake, give that blasted coin here or I'll...I'll.."
Rumple grinned even broader. "You'll do what, guv?"
Misto opened his mouth, and pointed at Rumpleteazer, and was about to speak when...

"Don't ya lay a paw on 'er Misto!"
Mistoffelees turned to see Mungojerrie advancing towards them, with a frown. "I'm not going to do anything to her Mungo, I just want my coin back."
Mungojerrie strolled over and ruffled Rumpleteazer's headfur. "Mornin dahling." He planted a smacker of a kiss on her cheek, and took the coin from her paw while she was distracted.
"Oi!" Rumple recovered from the shock of getting a kiss from the male calico, and looked up to see Mungo holding out the coin to Mistoffelees, who was still on the tyre. "Whaddya think ya're doing, Mungo? It took all ma wit to ste-I mean, find dat coin."
Mungo looked back to Rumple, and gave her a conspirational wink, then looked back up at Misto, drawing his paw back. "Say, Misto, what tells ya dis IS ya coin?"
"It is mine, Mungo." Misto sighed. "Look, just give it here.."
"So what tells ya it is yours? Eh?" Mungo turned the coin over, "Don't have ya name on it, guv..." He flipped the coin back over, then tossed it back to Rumple, who squealed and caught the shiny object.
"Ta Mungo." She called, as Misto fumed.
"It's MY coin!!" He hollered.
"Na na. Calm dewn." Mungo grinned. "If ya're the magician ya say ya are, ya can magik up anuvver one, rite guv?"
Misto fumed even more fiercely, and his white fur turned purple.
"Ooh, lookie, Mungo!" Rumpleteazer shrieked and pointed, "A pu'ple 'n' black cat! I wonder 'ow much we could get for 'im?" She fell about laughing, as did Mungo, and Misto lost it.
"Curse you!" He yelled, and a streak of yellow lightening shot from his paws, straight at the two laughing calicos.

A loud shriek later and Rumple shot up, clutching at herself. "OI! MUNGO!! Where's me fur? It's gone!! 'ELP!!" She hollered.
"Ya think ya'd the only one, Rumple?" Mungo grumbled, picking himself up. He glared at Mistoffelees, "Whatcha done to us?"
Misto blinked twice, turned a ghost white colour, and fainted right there on the tyre.

So what did happen to Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer? Watch this space for updates!

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