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Names of London, Tour & video performers who have played this role:

Usually this role is played by the person playing Macavity, but it can vary. Therefore I'm unable to give specific names.

Other (international names):

  • Mexico/Argentina ~ Platón

    What productions this character appears in:

    London, Broadway, Vienna, Oslo, Germany, Amsterdam/Antwerp, Stockholm/Gothenburg, Paris, Mexico/Argentina, Copenhagen, Video, Aus/NZ Tour I, Circus Tour, SA Tour.

    Description of this character:

    Plato is a brown and reddish colour tom with white and black markings over his face and chest.

    Personality of this character:

    Plato is a quiet tom, mostly since he's sometimes the alt of Macavity. He's normally discovered amongst the other kittens and then the older toms, not having any real place in the show. He's also the tom who mates with Victoria at the Ball.

    Other info and trivia:

    In the Hungarian, Japanese and Finnish productions, Plato does not exist.
    In Oslo Plato is doubled with a character known as Klørigår. To my knowledge this is a foreign version of Admetus.

    T-B, L-R; Broadway - Copenhagen - Stuttgart - Hamburg - Berlin - Toronto - US Tour - London - UK Tour - Video.

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