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Names of London, Tour & video performers who have played this role:

Ben Tribe, Bryn Walters.

Other (international names):

  • Hungary ~ Original production: Sam Mitsegél; Revised production: McCavithy.
  • Japan ~ Makabiti
  • Oslo ~ Makkentass (Klørigår)
  • Amsterdam/Antwerp ~ van Zonderen
  • Mexico/Argentina ~ Nefástulo Copenhagen ~ Macaviti

    What productions this character appears in:

    London, Broadway, Hungary, Vienna, Japan, Oslo, Germany, Finland, Amsterdam/Antwerp, Stockholm/Gothenburg, Paris, Mexico/Argentina, Copenhagen, Video, Aus/NZ Tour I, Circus Tour, SA Tour.

    Description of this character:

    A tall, very wild furred red, black and white tom.

    Personality of this character:

    Menacing and scary, Macavity is the outsider to the tribe. He is said to have a past with Demeter, rumours amongst fans are that he sexually abused her, etc. He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and is prepared to try and trap Demeter again to be his queen and will fight Munkustrap to take over the leadership duties as well.

    Other info and trivia:

    In London Macavity was originally played by the same person as Mungojerrie. Later productions changed this to George, then to Coricopat and finally Admetus. Broadway, Vienna, Germany, Stockholm/Gothenburg, Paris, Mexico/Argentina, and Danish productions all double Macavity with Plato. (Although in Mex/Arg, Plato is called Platon.)

    T-B, L-R; Broadway - Copenhagen - Stuttgart - Hamburg - Berlin - Toronto - US Tour - London - UK Tour - Video.

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