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Names of London, Tour & video performers who have played this role:

Sarah Bayliss, Susie McKenna, Sally Whitehead.

Other (international names):

  • Hungary ~ Gimb-Gömb
  • Vienna ~ Jenny Fleckenreich
  • Japan ~ Gumbie Katze
  • Oslo ~ Annepanneflekk
  • Hamburg & Stuttgart ~ Jenny Fleckenfell/Gumbie Katze.
  • Berlin ~ Jenny Fleckenreich
  • Finland ~ Annu Pannunen
  • Amsterdam/Antwerp ~ Spikkelpikkelmies/Jini-ani-datusu Stijfselkat
  • Stockholm/Gothenburg ~ Vickiprickitass
  • Paris ~ Amélie Ron Ron
  • Mexico/Argentina ~ Bombaonachona
  • Copenhagen ~ Tulle Tusindplet

    What productions this character appears in:

    London, Broadway, Hungary, Vienna, Japan, Oslo, Germany, Finland, Amsterdam/Antwerp, Stockholm/Gothenburg, Paris, Mexico/Argentina, Copenhagen, Video, Aus/NZ Tour I, Circus Tour, SA Tour.

    Description of this character:

    Jennyanydots is portrayed as the 'Gumbie Cat' - a older, bustling marmalade coloured queen.

    Personality of this character:

    Like Jellylorum, her friend of sorts, she looks after the kittens but also seems to have a thing about shooing and scolding everyone who gets in her way. She has to have everything neat and tidy in it's rightful place, even teaching the mice and cockroaches to behave! She has a special 'thing' for Bustopher too.

    Other info and trivia:


    T-B, L-R; Broadway - Copenhagen - Stuttgart - Hamburg - Berlin - Toronto - US Tour - London - UK Tour - Video.

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