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Names of London, Tour & video performers who have played this role:

Rosemarie Ford, Emma Tunmore, Summer Strallen, Alexis Owen-Hobbs.

Other (international names):

  • Oslo ~ Bomfallerina
  • Finland ~ Tuijallerina
  • Amsterdam/Antwerp ~ Bomballerien
  • Copenhagen ~ Bomfallerina

    What productions this character appears in:

    London, Broadway, Hungary, Vienna, Japan, Oslo, Germany, Finland, Amsterdam/Antwerp, Stockholm/Gothenburg, Paris, Mexico/Argentina, Copenhagen, Video, Aus/NZ Tour I, Circus Tour, SA Tour.

    Description of this character:

    A tall red and black queen with a white bib down her front.

    Personality of this character:

    Very flirty towards the toms, especially the Tugger who she has a special 'thing' for. ;) Also protective over Demeter when Grizabella or Macavity are around.

    Other info and trivia:


    T-B, L-R; Broadway - Copenhagen - Stuttgart - Hamburg - Berlin - Toronto - US Tour - London - UK Tour - Video.

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