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Second Act

Moments of Happiness

  • Cassandra when the group are singing 'Moments' collectively. Her mouth is moving too slow.

    Gus the Theatre Cat

  • Just a question. Does Jellylorum have a huge problem with pubs? She mentions 'pubs' in Bustopher Jones' song. And now here in Gus's song....
    [One answer I've had to this is: Since Bustopher is a famous cat, and all that, his owners own the pubs and he's the cat counterpart owner. But Gus Sr, is her father, so she's not very impressed that he goes to the pub!]


  • Cassi and Tugger right up the back (behind Old Deut.) when Skimbleshanks starts. You'll see Tugger move up the tyre from the left of the screen as you watch.
  • When Cassi lies down when Skimble is singing, as she does so her tail gets caught between her legs. She has to pull it out....not ladylike ;)
  • Look out for Coricopat (on the trunk behind Skimble) and for Etcetera (somewhere in the crowd). Coricopat's face is adorable, and Etcetera's face is funny when Rumpleteazer sneezes *lol*
  • Exotica's costume keeps changing (behind Skimble) from a brown leotard to a black furry costume.
  • Cassandra, just after the line "...only stopping here & there to catch a flea..." She'll pick something out of Tumblebrutus' wig and eat it *lol*
  • When the cats go back to put their objects back from making the train, and they all fall over (!) look at Jenny behind Skimble....*hehehehehehe*
  • When the train comes apart, you can see Pouncival flapping the umbrella around, then he falls and rocks on his back. But the shot changes and Pouncival crouching holding the umbrella. Then they all get up and he puts the umbrella under his arm and marches off like a sentry in front of Buckingham Palace!
  • When Skimble climbs on Alonzo and Asparagus (jnr.) at the end, as the screenshot changes, he looks to be lower than he actually is/should be.....!

    Macavity and the following Fight

  • Demeter's leg warmer (and I couldnt see this but I guess if you watch it enough you'll see it) and Bomba's arm warmer keep moving up and down....and up....and down....*hehe*
  • When all the other cats come out after Bomba and Dem have finished singing, look for Jellylorum (back right of the screen). Jenny comes out before her, and kinda slides, but Jelly falls over *MWAHAHAH!* (Sorry again....)

  • When Maccy comes onstage dressed as Old D, you can see the real Macavity in the background still pointing toward Old D's area.
  • Alonzo comes out to defend the Jellicles because Munkus is injured right? Look for him when Munkus is on the ground. One moment he's over the back, about to spring on Macavity, the next minute he's on Macavity's back! What a edit that was....
  • Demeter and Munkustrap at the end of the fight, with their paws all over the others paws :wink: (Anyone reckon Demeter's trying to break Bomba's records? *hehe*)

    Mister Mistoffelees

  • When Tugger comes down and squats on the trunk, look for the fluffy thing beside him. It the wig Macavity used to impersonate Old Deut.
  • Rumpleteazer just before Tugger comes down off the trunk. You'll see her poking her tongue out and acting all stupid :)
  • Theres a bit of confusion here: Munkustrap, Demeter and Bombalurina are up the steps on the tyre. When Tugger does his yowl, you'll see Bomba in the crowd. Meanwhile, just before Misto comes down from the roof, Dem and Munkus can be seen going UP the steps to sit down..blooming 'eck, R.U.G. really know how to edit....
  • In Misto's song, when he appears, where the hell does the rope he swing down on, come from?
  • Jelly seems to be giving Admetus a slight shoulder rub after the first verse.
  • Etcetera and Electra can be seen mimicking Misto in his song. *hehe*
  • Is Cassi meant to be on the trunk when Misto pulls out the blanket?
  • Tugger walks back when the other cats are putting the blanket over Cassi, and he's having a little chat with Mungojerrie :)
  • Tugger's hand signals. The first is when Misto picks Cassi, and the second is just before Misto pulls the blanket off Cassi/Old Deut.
  • When Misto makes Cassandra turn into Old D, you can tell its not her! Because the lump underneath the sheet is to big to be Cassi, I mean HEL-LO? She's tiny! That why Skimble and the rest rustled the sheet as Misto made Cassi 'disappear'!
  • Is the cut in Misto's song too obvious or is it just me?


  • As all the cats turn round to look at Grizabella, look for Bomba behind Grizabella. She looks absolutely heartbroken. :(

    Journey to the Heaviside Layer

  • Some of Tugger's arm movements (he's up the back along from Old Deut and Griz) are edited....badly. (I shouldn't really have to mention 'badly' should I? *MWHAHA!*)

    And one last do they go to the bathroom in those unitards? Is that what Tugger used the rip in his cossie for? Acting like a zip or something? Oh well....

    Bloopers Main