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First Act


  • At the very beginning, you will see Old Deuteronomy dressed without his large fur coat, Grizabella as the younger version of herself, and another is Tugger without all the fur...
  • You can see the hand of the stageperson who is pushing Etc. on the trapeze.
  • In the Chorus, look at Mungo when that boot falls...but its not just him. Some of the other CATS faces are a picture!
  • Tugger (and some of the other CATS, if you watch closely enough) have trouble jumping when they are running in a big circle.
  • The CATS' faces when Jennyanydots does her high 'C' :D
  • Electra nearly falls at the end of the big introduction dance.

    The Naming

  • Munkustrap gets up to Gus' side a bit too's just a bad edit though.
  • The line up of the CATS....have a look on the back row. You'll notice you can't actually see Munkustrap unless they do a close up of him.
  • "Of the thought...." Teazer's eyebrows..... :D She always makes me stare and do the same thing...!

    Invitation to the Jellicle Ball

  • While in that little routine of sitting on her tailbone (must be very uncomfortable), Victoria pulls her tail from out between her legs.
  • Munkustrap makes me giggle here....his face on the words "Who, will it be?" When the camera does the closeup to him, his face kinda says "Me. Only me. No one else, or I'll scratch ya eyes out..."

    The Old Gumbie Cat

  • Several of the CATS faces when Mistoffelees is doing his "I'm great" part at the start.
  • Jemima has a problem with her mouse mask. She has to take it off and put it back on again.
  • Munkustrap kicks Jenny's extra long tail when she "sits on the windowsill"...
  • Skimble (at some points) is trying to close the car hood. When he can't, you can see him pointing to it and talking to someone offstage.
  • Mungojerrie is at the end of the line where Jenny finishes up "Squad salute!" If you notice, when he salutes, he kind of leans towards Jenny! :)
  • Jellylorum when the CATS are lined up with the 'cockroaches' and are doing the spinny tap things. On the first one, she nearly falls, but catches herself, but is JUST out of line.
  • This is annoying. You can BLATANTLY see where the tap dance is edited.

    The Rum Tum Tugger

  • When the music starts up, watch Munkus, who is with Jenny. He spits in shock!!
  • Demeter, meanwhile, storms across the her! *lol*
  • Etcetera when Tugger hip bumps Bombalurina! *hehe*
  • After Tugger has annoyed the hell out of Demeter, the kittens and Jelly and Jenny, he comes back down to dance with the rest of the CATS. You'll see Vicki come down too, and she nearly knocks over the other CATS dancing as she does so. (To the left of the stage as you watch)
  • Plato, meanwhile, will be doing a little shaky leg thing in the middle of the female CATS who are dancing!
  • At the first part where Tugger sways his hips for the kittens (!) look to the right behind him where Bomba is, and you'll see Pouncival put his butt in front of her, and as she goes to scratch herself, she'll scratch his butt as well!! *MWAHAHA!!!*
  • On the second or third hip sway of Tugger's, look to the left this time behind him, and you'll see Admetus trying to copy him, and getting it wrong!!! :)
  • When Tugger's quite finished collecting female admirers, and he runs up onto the higher part of the stage, look for Jennyanydots. She looks quite flustered! *hehe*
  • Skimble really doesnt approve of Tugger shaking his thang...!
  • When Tugger points at him closely. He mouths some words QUITE unsuitable for you kittens! (Debate: been mentioned to me that he actually says thank you, not the other...who knows for sure?)

    Grizabella, the Glamour Cat

  • Look for Cassandra and Alonzo in the background as Grizabella walks away from Demeter, who is singing. Whaddya think of THAT pose? ;) *hehe*

    Bustopher Jones

  • Misto's face when Bustopher is talking about food....he licks his lips *lol*
  • Coricopat in the lineup....*rotfl*
  • Etcetera's face ("....and he's putting on weight everyday!")
  • After Jenny recieves the flower from Bustopher, she faints. Watch as the introduction 'siren' sounds for Rumpleteazer and Mungojerrie. She recovers EXTREMELY quickly....
  • Keep your eye out for Admetus behind Bustopher Jones (*this also applies to Admetus in Tugger's dance in the Ball, and during Skimbleshanks). He always seems to have his mouth open :s

    Mungojerrie & Rumpleteazer

  • When they are both doing the spinny things on the floor, as they turn, Mungo's foot hits Teazer's leg (or thats what it looks like...)
  • "....and no sober person, could take his oath..." Look at Mungo's face!!!!! *phwoar...!*
  • At the end when the other cats surround Mungo and Teazer, look for Misto and Demeter, who are nearest to the camera. They put up their hands (or paws *wink*) to stop them going past, and their paws kinda brush *sigh*

    Old Deuteronomy

  • Right at the start when Munkustrap is singing the line "...lived many lives in succession.." the screenshot should change. At the back before the screen change, Mungo and Rumple will be in one position, and after the screen change they have moved positions!
  • While singing 'Old Deuteronomy', Coricopat and Tantomile are having a good old chinwag. You can see Tantomile nodding her head as she rolls over.

    The Pekes & the Pollicles

  • At the start of this song, look at Victoria at the back of the shot. This is NOT Victoria. This is NOT Phyllida Crowley-Smith. Its actually Jo Bingham - Etcetera...!
  • What is Electra doing in the middle of the stage? ("...some account..")
  • Skimble at the edge of the stage "...for a drink...."
  • When the Peke (Teazer) and the Pollicle (Jerrie) come out, take a look at Munkus. At some point he will adjust his arm warmer...
  • Mungo's face ("...they did not advance..")
  • Munkustrap whacks Jerrie for getting his 'barking' wrong....!
  • Jemima's face when the Pollicles get the barking wrong.
  • In Rumpus Cat song, you can see the pipe that he uses to blow up his hair ever-so-clearly.
  • Munkustrap's face, he is trying so HARD not to laugh at the Rumpus Cat ("....or hairier....")
  • When Vicki has the poodle head on, she over the far left of the screen, and she cocks her leg in a VERY dog like manner! LOL!
  • Alonzo's hat disappears. One moment he's walking around with the other 'Pollicles' with it on, the next you see him cowering from the Rumpus Cat and its..erm....vanished....
  • Just before the 'Pollicles' flee, you'll see Jerrie again...this time making ANOTHER weird face (Drew what ARE you like?) and pointing at the Rumpus Cat in confusion *lol*
  • Rumpus Cat.....the way he acts towards Munkustrap makes him seem a bit.. (No offense intended....its just weird to watch him)
  • At the end of 'The Pekes and the Pollicles', right as everyone slides up to Deuteronomy, check out Plato in the front...he has Victoria's tail in his mouth and is shaking it!

    Macavity [Scare One]

  • Plato is in amongst the Jellicles...!
  • And if the Rumpus cat is so brave as to stand up to Pollicles, how come he scarpered after his song when Macavity supposedly appeared?

    The Jellicle Ball

  • When Victoria comes out backwards from hiding, Old Deut will kinda half push Munkustrap away. Look at the EXPRESSION on Munkustrap's face! Mwhaha!
  • Plato and Tumble in the Ball introduction. (Just after "Jellicle Cats are not too big") Plato takes a swipe at Tumblebrutus, who looks quite surprised!
  • Misto and Skimble faces - just before "We know how to dance a gavotte and a jig..."
  • Coricopat's face - when Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer come through him and Tantomile to sing "Jellicle Cats are of moderate size..." *lol*
  • Etcetera puts her head between Tuggers legs...if you look closely on the second shot you will see a run in the leg of his leotard...*no, honestly, I didnt see this, someone pointed it out....*
  • Misto's tail has a mind of its own (Alonzo's solo dance before Bombalurina's dance)!
  • Pouncival's face when Alonzo is deciding whether to let little Tumblebrutus into his gang (all together now....awwwwww @ Tumble! *hehe*)
  • Demeter's face when she realises it is PLATO (Macavity) that carries her off after Bomba's solo...
  • Just before the mating dance begins, look for Rumple and Tugger over the back....they are nearly kissing!!!! *Argh!* *hehe*
  • During the 'mating Dance', when Plato has lowered Victoria onto Skimble, he has tape around his forefinger and middle finger on his right hand...must have strained it...
  • Also after all the cats have seen Grizabella, watch Jemima behind Misto. She has to double step cos she nearly loses her balance.
  • Misto at the same part of the dance, and before the part where they all jump 'through' each other in those groups, they are dancing back and forth. If you watch you'll see Misto trying to look all ferocious. Erm...Misto? It doesnt work...
  • Another Misto: He looks cute when he shakes his butt and his head near the beginning on the dance!
  • Look up the back when Tugger is at the front for the second half of the dance. You'll see Skimble trying to do all the moves..!
  • Here are two cases of 'blink and you'll miss it' near the end of the Ball.
    Tugger and the other toms have done their little dance.The queens join them, and watch Jemima. During the little dance shes at the far right of the screen. She'll lose her balance at some point, but regains it.
    The screen will flick to a shot of Bomba and Misto, then to Rumple as they are all dancing. In the center BEHIND Rumpleteazer, you will see both Dem and Tugger lean and turn.....and lose their balance!!!
  • At the end of the dance, when they all leap forward, Rumple will go down and slide, and nearly falls off the stage!
  • Munkus, meanwhile, puts his hand in the camera shot before Grizabella comes on and they all slide back!

    Second Act