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Questions/Plot Inconsistencies
So, this is essentially plot inconsistencies that I've noticed put in the form of questions.  Some of these may have already appeared on other sites, whose names I really can't remember.  So if this is relevant to you, sorry, I really wasn't trying to rip your site off.  If you have any other questions/plot inconsistency type things, or answers to any of these ones, please e-mail me and I'll put them up here.

1.  If the power has blown at the beginning of "Rent," how can Roger play his electric guitar at the beginning of "Glory"?  Same question applies to the beginning of "Your Eyes."  (This is probably demonstrating my complete ignorance of either Rent or elecrtic guitars, but anyway).
Submitted by Catherine: 'For "Your Eyes" in every production I have seen, Roger has used his acoustic to lay that song.'
Submitted by M007Galaxy:  'He doesnt play the electric guitar at the beginning of glory...  he starts off playing on his acoustic guitar then gets frustrated...  then sings "im writing one great song..." then the electric guitar comes in, but he isnt the one playing it...  its the backgroud music that "comes out of nowhere"...  and same with your eyes...  he starts off playing the acoustic guitar himself then the background music comes in...'
So, I guess this shows that this question is actually completely irrelevant.  But, it leads us on to question 2...  

2.  If Roger can't afford to pay his rent, how come he has 2 guitars (1 accoustic and 1 electric)?  And if he has 2,  how come pawning 1 of them is such a big deal?  Or, if he only has the 1, how come it mutates from electric to accoustic?
Submitted by M007Galaxy:  "Roger does indeed have 2 guitars...  and although he cant  pay the rent, to many serious musicians, their instruments are the most  important thing to them...  as for pawning one of them off...  i believe his electric guitar is a fender guitar...  which are very good guitars...  thus  worth alot of money and probably meant more to Roger than the acoustic, but he needed the money...  which is why it was a big deal..."

3.  Why does Roger sing "Because reason says I should've died 3 years ago" when he's only been HIV+ for about 7 months?
Submitted by Catherine:  'They needed someone to sing harmony. :)'
Submitted by Catherine and M007Galaxy:  Roger should've died because of his previous drug use and sharing needles. 

4.  How come Mimi's appartment is above Mark and Roger's in "Out Tonight" when during the rest of the show she lives below them?
Submitted by Catherine: This scene is supposed to take place on Mimi's fire escape and it would be very difficult to have the fire escape anywhere else.

5.  In "Christmas Bells" after Roger says "There, that's her,"  why does Mark say "Maureen?" even though they hadn't been talking about her and she's not currently on stage?
Actually, I have an answer to this one.  In the NYTW version, Roger's talking to Mark, who's not listening as he's too busy obsessing about Maureen.  So when Roger says "There, that's her," it makes sense that Mark's mind immediately leaps to Maureen.

6.  In "La Vie Boheme," where does Roger get the guitar from?  (can you tell I'm a bit obsessed with this guitar?)

7.  Where have Mark, Roger and Mimi all been living between Christmas and New Year's Eve, if they've been locked out of their building by Benny?
Submitted by HPTFalien:  They could have been staying with anyone.  Not to mention, i'm sure Mimi at least has friends elsewhere, we barely know anything about her outside of where she works.

8.  Submitted by Churnel:  How can Roger afford to buy a car just from the money he got by selling his guitar?
I have a possible answer:  I think it is actually possible, if the guitar is very valuable and a very good make (which I assume Roger's is) and the car is very old and cheap (for a car).

9.  If Collins can rewire an ATM machine to spurt cash just by typing in a certain code, why doesn't he do so at the beginning of the play so Mark and Roger can pay their rent?  Or why don't Mark and Roger use the money Angel gave them to pay their rent?
Possible answer, suggested by my brother, William:  Getting caught attempting to rewire an ATM machine at the beginning of the play could have got Collins into an even worse situation than he was already in.  With Angel now gone, Collins may feel he has nothing to lose.
Submitted by HPTFalien:  Collins is brilliant, but he doesn't come up with ideas all the time.  He simply might not have thought of it before.
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