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-As you first start make sure you play around with composer. For the first thing go to a web site and take a picture of something. Then save it. It will say save image. Make sure that you have no a CAPITALS and no SPACES.
-When you get that figure out then you can use the table click on the table on the top. All I can really tell you is that you can play around with the tables. O yeah when you don't want a border then put zero in the pixel boxes.

-After you have that all down then you can start to build your web pages. For examples you can go to At the bottom there will also be in example of a web page.
-When you want to link the pages together so you can go back and forth from one page to other. Click link on the top but make sure that your word is highlighted. Then type in your address. When that is done click ok and the the work should be underlined and linked. At the bottom there will be examples of what I mean.
In the gallery there are examples of my work that I have done with my web site. You can take a look for examples and help. After a while you will get use it everything.

When you want the pictures to come up. Go to image on the top and open the picture. With the thumb pen and you can move the picture around. Make sure you save all of your stuff in one folder.