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Technical Staff

Director - Marsha Owens
Musical Director - William Galvin, Jr.
Vocal Director - Marsha Owens
Technical Director - Mark Marietta
Producer - Geraldine Tiger
Costume Designer - Jan Marietta
Choreographer - Jill Keefer
Purchase Processing - Edla Bradley
Costume Committee - Glenna Carter, Marge Christ, Sherry Mack, Linda McCrerey, Lorry McMahon, Lisa Phillips, Leslie Pozzuto, Garnet Roth, Debbie Young, Karley Young
Typist - Leslie Pozzuto
Tickets - Dean and Cathy Kenefick
Ticket Sales - Ruth Nagy, Mark Marietta
Set Design - Mark Marietta
Set Construction - Mark Marietta, Pat Maloney, and Stage Crew
Biographies - Journalism I Spring Semester Class, Leslie Pozzuto
Lunch Coordinator - Sherry Mack
T-Shirts - Kim Black
Posters - Mark Marietta
Sound Equipment - Pianos & Stuff
Ushers - National Honor Society
Student Teacher Helper - Lauren George
Student Helpers - Craig Alderson, Valerie Pozzuto
Refreshments - The Parents