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   Tom Lucas - Old Chico's Tom

Baptized like Agamenon Carvalho, it adopted the artistic name "Tom Lucas" and today it is known like " Tom of Old Chico ", thanks to people of the society of Petrolina City, linked to the Ecology. 

He was born in Sáude City, State of Bahia, where from child it already showed its disposition in preserving the nature. In the end of the seventies that disposition intensified, and its protests and laments became songs. The first was " Landscape of Amazon ", a protest against the devastation of the amazon forest. Therefore then, it " Lacks Somebody in Seringais ", in honor to environmentalist Chico Mendes, murdered in the beginning of the years 80. So before, to compose became a constant in its life. 

Leaving Sáude City in the year 1975, went live in Salvador City, accomplishing its first show in the Theater of Senac, in the Pillory. Singing rivers, streams and waterfalls, it appears Waterfall of Rio Paiaiá " then ", (waterfall located in its native city), beginning a phase marked by its concern with the waters. In the end of the eighties, it lived in São Paulo and its scream continued for everywhere through where it passed with its shows in public squares. After its brother's murder in the year of 1986, it could be observed in its themes, a true search for the peace among the men, composing like this, the rock " Layer of Ozone " an alert one against the destruction of the layer of ozone for the man.

Now it lives in Petrolina City, state of Pernambuco, where the almost arrived 10 years, settling down in the margin of River San Francisco, place that comes receiving its cares, planting trees, becoming aware the people to not to play garbage in the margins of the river, finally, maintaining a fort liaison of friendship with "Old Chico" (affectionate name of the river) what contributed to the composition of pretty songs, among them, "Old Chico's Voice" that it is a true lament of the author for the preservation of the river, besides suggesting alternatives for the non transposition of River San Francisco.



Another strong message of Tom Lucas to the riverine population, it is printed in an of the walls that give access to the margin of the river, in him Old Chico in 1st person, appeals for the good sense of the population. This message is registered by pictures and filmings done by the countless tourists that over there pass, and it probably already crossed the front of Brazil.

   " I am the Old Chico. 

I always gave everything of me for you. Water cleans to drink, for the bathing, for the transport, fresh fish for the food, finally everything that you need. Now I come to ask so that everybody helps me. Don't leave that they play garbage in my waters, nor that kill my riverine plants. Friends, I ask for the love of God, I don't want to die. 

Thank you. 

Old Chico"