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Hi! First of all, I'd like to extend a BIG thank you to the CATS: The Feline Phenomenon staff for allowing me the usage of this wonderful ficture of Rumpleteazer. Their link is in the link section, and when you're done here, I sugggst you visit their site. Thanks guys!! Okay. This is the section where I put the stuff that pops into my mind as I watch the video. It can be odd bloopers, "What-on-EARTH-are-they-doing?" things, you know. Anything.

*Why is Elaine Paige out there during "Jellicle Songs for Jellicle Cats"? Don't get me wrong, I think she's a wonderful actress and a singer, but she's dressed up as a different cat and that cat's name never appears in the credits. The directors were not lacking people to sing that line: they had Plato, Victoria, Pouncival, Admetus, and Exotica. I was just thinking...

*Are Misto and Quaxo the same cat, or different cats? They're played by the same actor, but are the cats the same? This irks me...

*When Grizabella shows up after Tugger's number, did he just mouth what I think he mouthed?!? I thought this was a family show!!

*Bomba and Pouncival seem to be gettin' rather friendly at the end of Tugger's song and during the "massive cat-nap" after Victoria's and Plato's mating dance. Ain't Pouncival supposed to be a kitten and Bomba an adult? Maybe things are different in the cat world...

*"Jellicle cats are black and white." Do you know how many cats don't fit that description?

*Why is Tugger standing on the car hood at the end of the play instead of down on the stage with everyone else? Hmmm?

That's all my mind's letting out. Do you have anything you've racked your brain about and would just like to let people know? Don't be shy, send it in!!