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*********************************************************************** 8-4-03 Look! Look how ugly these colors on this page are!! I have a much better homepage now. So you should go there from now on. Sorry, there won't be any world famous 13 Swaction lists on the new page. It got too hard to think of stuff after awhile anyway. I wanted to change it to 5 Swaction things after awhile. Copy and paste: ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-29-03 Yesterday was pretty rough. My cat didn't come in the night before when I was calling her, so I assumed that she was inside already. When I woke up, my mom said that Kitty never came in last night. I went to go call her because I immediately got worried. I heard a very faint meow, but I couldn't find her anywhere. My mom came out to help and found her on the side of the house. She was very hurt because she could barely move, and her face was covered in dirt and what was probably animal saliva (not hers). She was the skinniest I have ever seen her. We brought her in and she drank water for the longest time. I basically cried the whole day because I give myself partial blame for not going out to look for her or calling longer the night before. I was basically a wreck because she's been MY kitty for 13 years. I had to pull it together for a few minutes to call Ben and tell him I couldn't go camping and he was a little upset, but rightfully so. However, I felt sick everytime I even thought of leaving my cat because if she dies, i want to be there. Besides, I probably would just cry up at his cabin the whole time and feel terrible that I left her. I spent the day in my pajamas and watched TLC for hours on the couch downstairs so I didn't have to leave my cat, who was sleeping by the window. Aaron came over with some of my favorite flowers later to help cheer me up, because like I said, I was a wreck, and I cried pretty much the whole day. He got me to go on a walk with him and leave the house for 15 minutes, which was definately good for me. My mom said she didn't know if my cat had any lives left. She found a couple bit marks on Kitty's neck. She never really opens her eyes very much, so I'm worried that one of her eyes is hurt. I'm not sure she can see out of it. I slept on the couch last night so I could check on her periodically. She ate a bit this morning, and by a bit I mean 4 pieces of food. She can hold her head up today and she was walking around a little this morning, but she's sleeping by the window again. I have only cried once today, so I'm doing OK, I'd say. I made an appointment for her today at 3:15 to see what the vet can do for her. Hopefully something. Feeling/Mood today: Quiet. I'm just so tired. Thought of the day: ~ ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-23-03 Got to sleep in today and went golfing with my pops. (Ok, "pops" sounds weird. I mean my dad.) I have only been golfing 3 times in my life. Once when I was about 12, another last year, and today. I have no idea what I got when I was 12. Last year I got 80, and today I got 65. Whoo hoo! No, not on 18 holes... only 9. I'd say it's a pretty darn good score considering the course conditions. They were pretty rough because they were fixing some of the course. Maybe I'll go once more this summer and get a score of 50? Hey, it could happen. My dad says I have a very natural and smooth swing. I probably owe that to tennis. I miss tennis. I think I will call one of the girls and see if they want to play sometime soon! I need some exercise anywhoo. I made my tortilla especial wraps and some sparking very berry jello. I'm looking forward to eating all the good food tonight that the other guest service girls make. There are 8 of us that will be there tonight. whoo hoo! I'm gone now. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-22-03 I worked at 10:30 this morning only till only 3:30. I got to go home early! Hooray! Well... I'm losing some hours due to weather, and the way I was scheduled just for this week. I'll make it up next week. I was a little hyper today. The kids that Nicci and I did the crab walk race with didn't seem to mind. You could say that I just stepped up to their energy level. Got some yum yum foods for tomorrow night at Kate's house (supervisor and friend). I am making these tortilla things with some cheese, pepperoni, and lettuce, as well as some freaky sparkling jello. They didn't believe me at work that the jello actually has bubbles and fizziness in it. Wow, will I show them. Customer of the day: A little boy, light brown hair, brown eyes, a young 4. He asked if the limbo was only for the big kids. He then later participated in the crab walk, and was the last little crab in, but he tried so hard! What a cutie. He's the kind of kid that makes you say, "I want one," or "I just want to sqish him he's so cute!" (as Marie would say) Feeling/Mood today: Happy Thought of the day: When I have kids, what will they look like? I just thought about it today that they may not look like me at all! Also, I thought about how amazing it will be to see our friends' grow up and have kids of their own. What will their kids look like? (Don't worry though guys. These thoughts of kids today are just thoughts of course! You know you all have them some days.) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-21-03 I had the day off today and went to the Mall of America with my parents to shop for Europe stuff. Needless to say, I was more productive than the first time I went. I got shoes, a "suitcase" (it's actually a travel/hiking backpack) and another pair of black pants. I finally looked around me today when I was in a store, looking for long sleeve dark colored polyester tops, and realized that there are a lot of cute American looking clothes that I cannot get for starting school in the fall. So I made a pouty lip for myself and left the store. I don't need to put up with that crap. American stores flaunting their sexy attire at me. I did withhold from buying something at Bath and Body Works-- a teeny bottle of the new Coconut and Lime lotion. One puff of it, and WHOA! I'm in Hawaii! Did I say puff? I meant snuff. And when I say snuff, I mean snort. And when I say snort, I mean sniff. Got that? My parents and I celebrated our 3 Bdays tonight (Jul/Aug/Sept)at The Twin City Grill. And I can also say that tonight I had the best food of my life as well. It was absolutely amazing... expensive, yes. But delicious, the answer is yes also. I couldn't finish my food, so what did our waiter do? He GAVE us a piece of chocolate cake and ice cream because it was our first time there. Ok, maybe they do that for everyone. But I certainly felt special, in an especially special way. We decided not to shop anymore after we ate because the correct size clothes I would try on probably wouldn't fit at that time, besides, I couldn't walk more than .4mph anyway. My tummy was much too full. If it wasn't a 4 star restaurant, it certainly should be. Then again, I have never eaten at a 4 star restaurant, nor do I know the qualifications of a 4 star restaurant. Speaking of restaurant, did you guys watch The Restaurant last night? It was decent. I'll try watching it one more time. Maybe it will be on my next TV list. Mood/Feeling today: tired at times, but happy feelings filled me when I thought of the green hills in Europe. Thought of the Day: Why are there 17 year old girls in a store called Forever 21? Why am I in a store called Forever 21? Why did the lady today ask me if I was 18? I know I look like I'm 13 now. But just you wait... ...... ...... ....... ......... .. ............................ .. ....... I'm not sure what for, but just you wait! I like these dot things. I find that I use them a lot. Thanks, and have a great day. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-10-03 Today was ok... it was freezing out today and I'd have to say that my customers of the day would be the entire groups that came. We like to call them a little stupid (or crazy to sound nicer) for swimming when it was 65 degrees outside, drizzley, and very wind (cold wind, at that). I mean, who steps outside on a day like today and says, "I think it's a good day to go swimming in that nonheated wave pool at Bunker Beach." I know that's exactly what I'm thinking on a day like today. I'm really tired of shopping. I go to get all this rollerblade stuff, which, yes, I am excited for this weekend, but I also need to be looking for Europe stuff and really, I just want to get all that done ASAP. I have been to 5 stores looking for a helmut for me for Saturday and haven't found one. GRrRRRrrAH! I have to get up early tomorrow and get one. I got new rollerblades, but I have the feeling that I won't be able to use them on Saturday, which is no big deal. I'll have them for the rest of the summer. I just haven't had time to break them in yet. BTW, that WalMart in Elk River is HUUUGE!!! It's like that SNL skit with Alias girl where she goes, "This Walmart is SO BIG! I KNOW!" I honestly wanted to say that. Mood/Feeling today: mmk. It was a day. I'm glad to be alive, though. Thought of today: Why are some of my hairs on my head curly lately? I find these few and they are spirals. What's up with that?! It's either all or nothing. My head needs to choose, cause they don't have a hair product that's for Some Curly and Some Straight Hairs. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-8-03 I was just telling Aaron tonight about my favorite customer of the day, a high strung high maintenance mom who said she called "multiple times", when in actuality only called one other time before claiming that she called multiple times, and we had actually tried calling her back "multiple times." I would like to say to the customer of the day, "Shut up, please, and wait your turn. You are on a list of 14 other people to call, and frankly, ma'am, you are a spaz." Nicci and I laughed a lot today about a movie that we are hoping to make of "the guest service life" by the end of the summer. We will then hold a special screening and possibly sell some tapes. Ok, well, i guess first we'll have to see if this actually goes through. We have plenty of time to write a script in the admission booths during the slow days. You guys know how good ideas are. They come, you plan, you do nothing with the plan, the ideas go. I ate 3 pieces of black licorice tonight. "Why would you do that?" you may ask. I am asking myself the same question. Man I'm weird. Mood/Feeling today: Pretty good! Lots of laughs at work always makes the day go better. And knowing that I have the day off tomorrow makes me feel better. Knowing that tomorrow is going to rain... priceless. (Ok, actually, it sucks.) Thought of the day: What's with those spam emails that are titled something weird? I mean, who thinks, "Gosh, I think I want to open up that email titled "retz37ozlprniyv?" ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 7-6-03 Where oh where has the time gone? I cannot believe that it is july already... I can't believe that in 2 months I will be in Europe.. I really can't. I'm having a decent summer so far, now that it is half over. I was disappointed to hear that Marie will no longer be working at the BB come the end of July. It makes me not want to work there anymore because Marie and I started together. But the flower shop never called me back. Which is good, cause I couldn't handle another job. This one is stressin me out lately. Too many crabby people makes me want to be not so nice anymore. We'll see what happens by the end of the year. The July 3rd party went great. I would say that there was about 40 people there. Lots of good food and hopefully a good time had by all. Mood/Feeling today: Extremely tired from getting little sleep these last 5 days. Thought of the day: .... no, there is no thought. I am too tired. Na night. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6-24-03 Ok, Ok, Ok. I am sorry that I have not updated this in quite some time. I've just been way tired after work and didn't feel much like typing about my day of dealing with crabby people. yes, because the capacity of the pool has went from 800 to 1600, the crabby people I deal with has gone from 39 to 199. I can't wait till we have our staff party though. I can't wait to check out those water slides. What else.... Haven't heard back from the flowershop yet. They will let me know hopefully in the next 2 weeks. I'm still trying to rollerblade a lot when I get the chance! With this weather it's been hard. My parents had to pull the dock up at 7am today because it was floating (almost floating away!) My mom said that we were close to losing it. I'm glad we didn't, boy oh boy (As my gpa says). Again, I miss hanging out with the chums, but I don't know what I expect when I work so much. I need the money for Europe, so I have to do it! You all understand. I will try to make more time in July to chill with them. I'm headed to the Mall of America today to get some stuff for Europe. Mood/Feeling today: Hungry. What's new? A little lathargic on this day off also. It's rainy out, so I have this big sweatshirt on so I'm all warm and sleepy. Thought of the day: How cool would it be to see an upside down rainbow?? Think about it! And then think if there were more than one. How cool. (There's a new updated list. Check it out more toward the bottom) ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6-16-03 I worked a lot today.. 12-8:15. It was pretty busy but i did a lot of good things today. Figures some stuff out about mixed up memberships, looked some stuff up on a computer, busted about 15 out side food bringers, and told some girls to buckle themselves up in the back when they were tanning (they really didn't need to tan anymore). I'm feeling a lot better than this weekend. Other people, on the other hand, tended to be rather crabby. Apparently they are still looking at the apps at the Flower shop, so I'll know eventually whether or not I have a job there. Today I miss hanging out with my Bethel friends and my home chums. I miss Dave and Matt too, who are off in other states, California and Georgia respectively. I don't have a ton of time to do things with friends. It's very hard to balance everything. All in all though, it was a good day because I only heard the paved paradise (what I call "Hey Paradise") song once versus 3 times a day, and "Your Body is a Wonderland" only twice, versus every freaking hour. Although I have usually been known to make fun of that song because of Zak's influence, I actually began to like John Mayor's raspy and gaspy voice. Even though John shouldn't be talking about any body's body as a wonderland, and no hands should be anywhere, and especially not under a deep sea of blankets. I mean, the guy is like 15 or something. Not really. I don't know. I have to get to bed so i can go get yelled at at our morning meeting at 8:30. Lots of good fun times! Peace in the middle East, I'm out. Mood/Feeling: Hot. That stupid air conditioner at work should have quotes around to become "Air Conditioner" because it sure doesn't condition any one's air, let alone mine. Thought of today: What is God's favorite color? I think it's a color that I'll see in heaven, you know, all those colors that are suppose to be up there. But what is it called? Is it something creative like a crayola crayon name? Like Robin egg blue and Macaroni and Cheese? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________ 6-15-03 Of course I must apologize for one, being so lazy, and two, being so lazy and not updating this page. You all may hate me, but I'm gonna keep this short cause I've been sick-- heat exhaustion and a cold! Anyone want some of this?? Didn't think so. My parents are home from New York and Canada. They had a great time. I went horsebackriding yesterday and my bum hurts. Then I went mini golfing yesterday with Aaron's family. The misquitoes were so bad by the 8th hole, that we were all doing this dance around and putting really fast. My ball went through the fence and onto the road once. They laughed at me. :) Mood/feeling today: Pensive, yucky, mellow. I was only annoyed once today. This lady who spoke broken English wanted to go into the facility with her daughter, but our policy is that everyone that enters pays because they take up a body in our count. So I said, "Everyone that enters has to pay." and she raised her eyebrows up and looked at the pool. Then she said, "That no make sense to me." I wanted to say, "It no make sense to me either, lady." She probably would have raised her eyebrows to that too. She ended up paying and going in, anyway. Thoughts of the day: I was sitting at work in our weakly air conditioned booth, and I see a lot of people walking by. Sometimes just seeing people and experiencing people can really change your view on something, even you only saw them from a distance. I saw a newer, happy couple with baby out riding their bikes. I thought, "wow, that's great they are doing something fun like that. I bet their life has changed sincethey had their baby though, but they make it seem like it was definately for the better." Then I was taking a little boy's picture for our computer and the light wasn't working out very well so I said, can you take off your hat for me? His mom leaned over and just matter of factly whispered, "He's got cancer." "Oh, ok, no big deal, I can make this work." And I did, and it was all ok. My heart did this little flip flop after they left though. He looked about 6 years old. I thought, "He possibly only has a few years to live." I put myself in his shoes and thought about dying and the fact that you would know you were going to die would be a bit scary, that's for sure. What a brave boy he must be, fighting for his life and trying to live his life to the fullest everyday. Ok, I totally didn't keep that short, but I am so tired now that I am going to pass out. Goodnight to all. ************************************************************************************************** 6-10-03 I have the new Shania Twain song in my head. Not sure what it's called... "Forever and For Always" maybe? I didn't like it at first, but it has such a good beat, and her voice is pretty, so I have come to like it very much so. The music video is cute too. I was at work today for a very short time-- 12-5. We closed very early cause no one was there. But man, I need that money! I had to go home early yesterday too. I hope I can get that second job. I'm calling Toni's tomorrow to see what's up with that. So I'm crossing my fingers! I wrote some quartet music tonight. It took awhile for me to figure out the program on my computer, and I still don't have it all figured out, but we'll see how it turns out in the end. Here is a quote from Ben: "goo goo foo foo froo night tight." Goodnight Ben! See, for those of you who haven't done this before, you just make up a bunch of words and you have to say them out loud. They are almost a guarenteed laugh. For example, ickity spickity vroom poo tilly. Rolly fishy boom boom choo choo ook. Ditty kitty hoppity poopity oopitot. See, it's fun, isn't it? If you aren't saying them out loud, you get an F, because you are doing it wrong then. I hope the weather is better tomorrow. I'm suppose to be rollerblading with Aaron after work. We shall see. I'm tired of these cloud headaches! ***Mood today: Weird... I'm hungry but not, and tired and dazed a bit. Not sure what that's all about. ***Thought of today: If a person were to sit in the middle of a rainbow, would they be all the colors? How cool would that be?? Also, how are kitty's spines so flexible? They curl up in little balls. It's crazy. ************************************************************************************************** 6-9-03 So it's good that it's only 1am and I'm tired! whoo hoo!! Dixie woke me up at 6:30 today because she decided that I needed to get up at the same time as her. So I put her out and gave her breakfast puppy *food, and then I said screw it, if you chew on something I don't care. I have two more hours to sleep, for crying out soft! I'm going back to bed. And I did-- I went back to bed. THen I went to work. It was overwhelming a bit because I feel like I'm starting all over at a new job because the place is so new and different. I got to go home early. So i took a nice nap, then i went rollerblading. It felt good to sweat. Oh-- if anyone is interested in pledging some moolah to help support me on July 12-13 when I do rollerblade 75 miles for MS, that would be great. Let me know if you are interested in pledging anywhere from $1 to $5,993,001 <-- Haha, just kidding! I know you don't have more than 4 million! I then made myself a lovely noodley dinner that I will indeed make again sometime because it was GOOD. I will be having Cocoa Puffs for breakfast tomorrow morning!! hooray!! Mood today: overwhelmed. Maybe if my dog would not bark all the time when I try to sing, I would feel more appreciated and like I was doing something productive. Thought of the day: Did people brush their teeth in the olden days? What kind of toothpaste did they use if they did? What did their toothbrushes look like? If Crest was around, did more dentists prefer it then too? I like Aquafresh. ******************************************************************************************************* 6/8/03 Wow... today and yesterday were crazy long. Yesterday: Aaron got a car, we went shopping, and went to the wedding, which was absolutely beautiful, by the way, and I cried of course. Then I finished my power point at Aaron's house in LC and got home around 2:00. This morning we went to church and I dropped off the powerpoint for Neil to run, then we came home and played with Dixie Pooh for awhile before having to run back to LC to get Aaron's tux to play at Minnehaha Academy's Bacceloriote. I start work tomorrow at the pool. No word on the flower shop. Mood/Feeling today: Tired and not feelin' so well. A bit car sick with a headache from the stupid rain clouds. But well fed with steak! Thoughts of the day: You know when you have those days that FEEL like a day in the past? When especially the weather brings back certain memories? At that time, I didn't think, Wow, I'm going to look back and remember this football game because of the 70degree weather and the people I'm with. But tonight I actually thought, "I'm going to remember tonight because of this weather and who I'm with because it's absolutely amazing outside because there's something memorable about it, but at the same time, nothing extremely special." So my question is, how can we recognize the transitions in our lives between living, to remembering living, to living again? And at what point in our life is it that we realize we are making memories? When we are 17? 19? Is it different for everyone, and do some people never recognize it all? If they don't, is that a sad thing and something we should all strive for, or is a good thing and really doesn't matter in the first place? All these questions make sense to me. It may just be rambling to you. *****************************************************************************************************

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