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Monkey Notes

I have created this page to tell you about the recitals that we have had so far...

Christmas Magic - December 1, 2003
This was my first time organizing a recital and the students did very well. We had the recital at the Hurricane Library and invited the community to come. I was very pleased with the support of the students and parents. We all enjoyed together one of the best parts of Christmas... the music.

Spring In Bloom - April 23, 2004
We did a variety of songs and the students seemed a little more relaxed this time. One thing that I did decide to do for future recitals is to focus more on the songs that were done. You live and learn. I am looking forward to the next recital, as it is always fun for me to perform as well.

Dance Performace in Springdale - May 14, 2004
I went to beautiful Springdale and the dance group performed two of their dances. It was the first performance experience for the group and my first experience directing. It was a beautiful evening and the group performed on a small stage outside. The group did a really nice job and came through on the teamwork. The students did their own makeup and hair and acted like professionals.

Autumn In The Air - September 20, 2004
The group performed again at the Hurricane Library. They did an exceptional job. My students have really challenged themselves to play harder pieces and I have recently had some new students to add. I have a feeling that we are all looking forward to doing another performance in Dec. or Jan.

Festive Feelings - December 18, 2004
I had the biggest group yet. Thanks to all the parents and students. Once again, everyone did very well and I had a few additional students. I want to focus on the enjoyment of the music and pushing yourself in a good way. That includes me! I will post the next recital when we know more.

Stars In Action - May 9, 2005
This was a great time! I continue to be amazed at how all my students are progressing. The sky truly is the limit when you believe it is. This recital was appropriately called "Stars In Action" because I believe that they are all stars. Keep up the good work!

A Moment In Time - September 24, 2005
Thank You again to all involved. I continue to be amazed at the progress and the effort. We did the recital at The Piano Gallery in St. George. The focus this time was to enjoy the moment that you have to shine as time passes quickly.

Holiday Joy - December 3rd, 2005
This was a unique opportunity for the students to perform at the Senior Citizen's Center in Hurricane. The recital was a part of the Festival of Trees and was a great way to celebrate the season and my students got to practice in front of a larger audience.

Summer Bliss - June 24th, 2006
This recital showed the progression of the students. They are learning new skills and are really coming along. The students introduced themselves this time. It was a great opportunity to get together again.

To Winter With Love - December 2, 2006
This was a very special recital to me because I love the music of the holidays. I recently started working with some new students and it was a very enjoyable experience for me. The room at The Piano Gallery was beautiful and we got to use the grand piano.

Springtime Reflections - April 14, 2007
There were not as many students at this recital but it was a great experience. One of my former students played a beautiful piece. I am amazed at how much I continue to learn about how to make the next recital better.

Christmas Blessings - December 28, 2011
This was a great recital. We performed at the Hurricane Rehabilitation Center. Thanks to the Shamo family. We did a wide variety of songs and a sing along.

Summer Fiesta - July 9, 2012
We had a fun time at this recital. We performed again at the Hurricane Rehabilitation Center. This gives us a sense of community. The participants did a wonderful job of providing entertainment. We are planning other recitals at the center.

Once Upon A Christmas - December 21,2012
This recital was very special. The performers were great and we had a new student who joined the group. I am always amazed at the variety of songs. Also, I appreciate the efforts that my students put into getting it right. I love the creativity that they use to create new songs. The residents at the center really enjoyed the recital.

I encourage everyone to come to performances like the ones we have because it is free and gives the students a chance to get experiences that are crucial to making a difference in such a competitive field. Also it is a great experience for an exchange that will keep the arts alive. Our recitals provide a unique opportunity to see what we do and decide if you would like to join our team. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Thanks Again,