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I remember when I was little I always used to listen to the radio and my records. This was before CD'S and I would scratch my records because I played them so much. I would do a "mock" concert when I was alone and had lots of fun. I would listen to both music that my parents listen to - such as Neil Diamond, Frank Sinatra, and Barry Manilow as well the latest 70's hits.

As I got older, my parents gave me the opportunity to have voice lessons with a wonderful voice teacher. I also had ballet lessons, piano lessons and was a member of "The Littlest Americans."

In high school, I got the opportunity to be involved in the theater and loved it. I went to Muncie Indiana for an International Thespian Conference and that was a great experience.

I am still a member of the International Thespian Society. I also went to Broadcasting School after High School. I learned a lot about the technical aspects through this experience. I participated in the Miss Nevada Pageant as well. I took ballet classes in College. I also took jazz and modern dance in college as well. I was a member of the Dixie College Chorus and the Southwest Choral. This was a great experience for me too.

I decided at this point to become a teacher. I have given beginning ballet classes and currently substitute in dance classes. I give piano and voice lessons currently. I have attained my bachelor's degree in Elementary Education and have learned so much through the process. I also am member of my church choir.