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Our Awards

Ok, to win an award all you have to do is e-mail me: 1: your name 2: which award you would like 3: your url All awards can only be won once a month. In apply for this award you must have a realitively new site. Other awards which can now be won. Best Cat or Actor appreciation site Must have a substantial part of the site based on an actor or character (ie. more than a page, but it doesn't have to be the whole site.) Cute Site Just a cute site that has a few interesting things, maybe some graphics and fanfiction. Purrfect Site This site should be well kept and have either an image gallery, fanfiction, cast bios, fan art, and some other interesting things. Informative Site Obviously this is for an informative site. Award for Jellicle all round excellence Our hardest award, this is for those sites that excel in many areas. Please when applying for awards tell me which character you would like your award to have on it as I personalize all awards apart from the new site one. Alternatively pic an image from our image gallery and I'll use that one. Honour Board Back to Teazer and Vicki's Jellicle Junkyard