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I'd like to thank the following people for their help in my getting this web page started:

First of all, to the person who showed me where to start, Malis. She is an 'anime obsessive' and has a site of her own at TokyoCat's Anime Planet which is devoted mainly to Inu-Yas**, the "demon-puppy" or something...the ** is ha. We have a weird 'godly' system in which the things we each deem godly musn't be said out loud or written unless, in her case, a page devoted to Inu-Yas**. But my site isn't devoted to him, therefore the ha is **'d out. It is the same with Broadw** and Julie Tay** for me...we're weird, and who cares?

I'd also like to thank Angelfire for letting me use their site to build my own.

I'd like to thank Blue Sky Productions for supplying me with information from Julie Tay**'s Titus, which I could then adapt.

I'd like to thank for letting me use their website to create all of my special banners and headings.

I'd like to thank the Raizens of Raizens' Jason Raize Page for linking me up to their website.

There is also a person who'd I'd like to give the biggest thanks to: My Aunt Cathie. For many years, I've been dying to visit New York City to see a Broadway show, and Broadway show. One day, she asked me to go with her to New York City and I almost died. I'll be going with her in September 2000 and we'll be seeing Aida. I've always wanted to see The Lion King, but when I learned I was going, there was no chance of getting tickets to the booked up show. But Aida will be extremely fun, and I just hope Ms. Headley and Mr. Pascal are still in it...I'm not sure if they are though. Thanks again Cathie, and I know I shall be forever in your debt. (She's also taken my sisters and I to England....WOW!)

Another woman I'd like to thank is my choir director and teacher, Ms. Kline! When I was in 8th grade (last year), I had her for a manditory music class, and whenever we would watch or listen to some Broadway music, I'd be sitting in my seat, drawing, mouthing the words, having the music replay in my head. She, being one of the small amount of good teachers out there, noticed this and brought me into her office to invite me to join the 9th grade choir in their Broadway productions. It took a bit before deciding not to let an opportunity pass, but I did, and it was great! So I thank Ms. Kline for pushing me the step further that I needed to come out and SING! Danke schn, Ms. Kline!

I'd especially like to thank Ms. Julie Tay** for invoking my love for Broadw**. It was her work with The Lio* Kin* that boosted my obsession. I had the love for theatre before, but what her work has done is lifted that 'liking' to a full-blown obsession! First with the music, then the acting, danceing, and the whole thing! Julie is an amazing woman, and if I ever met her, I think I'd thank you Julie.

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