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Don't Play With Me

Welcome To Masquerade! A Site Dedicated to the two best shows that ever came on Broadway Phantom of the Opera and Wicked Now I know this is not a Wicked or Phanom Layout (don't keel meee!) But it's dark enough for the two shows. Besides, it's here to help you navigate to the realm of your choice. (eyes right if you pleeze)You'll see the links for both of the shows and you don't have to keel me. Enjoy

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Email me @ with any questions conserns complaints you name it I can probably not handle it, BUT I will give a fair whack at it. Peace.


No news as of yet keep coming back for more inform

Chatter Box

Eventually, when this site actually start to go where I'm going to put a chatter box up so that you guys can talk about whatever whenever you want. Ciao!

Quote of the Month

"Masquerade! Hide your face so that the world can never find you." Phantom


Name. Ryu
Gender. I am a girl
Music.Wicked and Phantom
Movies. Wizard of Oz, Bootleg copy of Wicked and the Phantom Movie


This site was brought to you by the crazy rantings of two really obessed people so i hope you enjoy it. And please be paitient the site is just a baby so it'll take time to get it on it's feet. Thanx!

Le Opera Populaire

- Link #2
- Link #3
- Link #4
- Link #5
- Link #6


- Link #2
- Link #3
- Link #4
- Link #5
- Link #6


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