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The Music Man


  • March 13, 2002-Big Update! Added the lyrics section, with Overture, Sincere, and Till There Was You. More to Come!
  • March 9, 2002-Moved the site from Neopets (kinda sad, I know, that I used to have Neopets as a host) to the new host, Angelfire. Made MAJOR updates. Added the mistake finding contest, the Stars of the Show chart, the list of reasons I like TMM, and the links.
  • February 26, 2002-The site is up! I'm so proud, I just learned html, and I already made a site! It's not very good yet, and I don't have a real host, and I need to learn more html, but the site will gradually get bigger and better. I'll keep you posted on the updates, so check back every so often.
    About the Show
    The Music Man is a great Broadway musical. It was written by Meredith Willson. It first reached the Broadway stage in 1957, starring Robert Preston and Barbara Cook. That production ran for 1,375 performances. Shortly after the production closed, The Music Man was made into a movie. The 1962 Warner Bros. film starred Robert Preston and Shirley Jones. The Music Man was performed for the next 40 years in community and regional theaters all over the country. But, on April 27, 2000, a new, marvelous, bright, dazzling revival opened at the Neil Simon Theatre at 250 West 52nd Street between 8th Avenue and Broadway. The production, directed and choreographed by Susan Stroman, starred Craig Bierko and the incomparable Rebecca Luker. This new revival will be the main focus of this website.
    The Stars of the Show
    This is a section of pictures of the stars of the Music Mantis, and a little bit about them and the actors who played them in the new Broadway revival.
    Marian Paroo is the librarian in River City Iowa,
    the town where The Music Man takes place.
    She is also the town's piano teacher.
    She is extremely stubborn and cold,
    but finally succumbs to the charms of Harold Hill.
    She is played by Rebecca Luker,
    who has also been the lead in Broadway productions of
    The Phantom of the Opera, The Secret Garden,
    Showboat, and The Sound of Music.
    She has done a lot of regional theatre and concerts
    with several symphony orchesras.
    Harold Hill is a travelling con artist.
    He goes around to towns and
    tries to sell them boys bands,
    only to run away as soon as he gets the money.
    However, when he reaches River City,
    he falls madly in love with Marian
    and finds that he cannot leave River City as planned.
    Craig Bierko, his Broadway portrayer,
    had his Broadway debut in The Music Man.
    Before that, he did regional theatre,
    as well as some movies and
    guest appearances on TV shows.

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    Sections of my Page

    My Favorite Things About the New Broadway Revival of The Music Man

    • Great Actors
    • Great Sets
    • Great Costumes
    • Great Music
    • Great Dancing
    • Great Acting
    • Great Lights
    • Great Props
    • Great Backstage Crew
    • Great Orchestra
    • Did I Mention It's Just Plain GREAT?

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