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Tips to find out Notations of any Song

 Well..everybody wants to play every song he likes..but how to achieve this..i will tell
 u something..which i learnt by my experience and what my friends have told me..but even
 then everything will not be i request the end of this blah blah..
pls write..what r ur experinces..and how do u try for notes of any song..okie.. from where to start.. first that..u have to listen to that song many many times..until u get 
it very correctly..when u can hum/whistle/sing it ..or at least can understand abt the way is going upwards and downwards..
so first thing Get familiar with the Song

well then..then keep ur finger on any note..and just try to go upwards and downwards 
according the song..hmmmm..i think it is better..if u play ur keyboard in piano the question is ..which   note u shud take as ur first note..?

i will give u one my knowledge of hindi songs..u just try to sing "HUM"
 ..just sing "HUM" of "hum dil de chuke sanam" song...sing only "HUM" and stop..
and sing it two or three times..and now try to sing only "HUM" of these songs..

HUM tum se na kuch kah paaye - Ziddi
HUM tere bin kahi reh nahi paate--Sadak
HUM tumhe chahte hain aise--Kudrat
HUM aapke ..aapke hain kaun--Title song..
HUMein tumse pyaar kitna--Qurbani
HUM bewafa hargiz na the--Shaalimar

well the list is so long..if u remember any other song..u can sing "HUM" of that song..
what i wanted to tell u here..that..when u will sing various "HUM" of various songs..u will
 realize that..there is difference in these HUM..some are at low notes..some are at high Song..u r going to try..try to much high it's starting notes 
are going..and choose ur first note accordingly..
..then just go up or down accordingly..and just keep trying..if first line is not coming 
correctly..try second and third and more..sometimes..u don't get first line initially..
but u get second line..after that..u might get idea abt first line..
so just try for a while like that..when u think..u have got something..
then change to string mode..and now try the same thing here..
now u will feel the song correctly now u might have to change some notes..
and playing in this mode..u will get the idea..that upto how much time..
u shud press particular key..and when to leave the key..

well..then..get someone..who is near and dear to u..force him to listen to ur tune :) 
and ask him to guess..which song it is ?

well..well..sometimes..u will keep trying ..and will not get the tune..but don't worry..
then come to this site..or search the net..u might get the notation for that song..
..then enjoy..and feel lucky :) But one thing is sure..that if before getting those 
notations from anywhere..u wud have tried urself..then u will enjoy more..and can play
at ur best !!!

well..i will advise u..that..whenever u get notation from this site or another..
just don't try to play that one..first try to play that urself..
and u will get something..then..see the notation..and check..from which starting notes 
it starts..check the first line only..then try to play second line urself..
then check the second this manner..two thing will happen..
one..u will get the idea of the tune..and u will understand it..
and later u will not forget it..and by this exercise u will learn to get the notes..
and second..second is that..u might get more correct tunes as given on any site..
and u shud never think..that..the notes given on any sites are the TRUE and 100% correct whatever u feel.. is good..try to play that one..

One thing i can assure u..that believe me..if u will not just blindly follow the notations 
..given on sites and in books..and if u will try to try also..after few years u will be 
able to guess the tunes most of the time correctly..

so don't just follow the notations and memorise those..get urself involved in it..
and then u will get the position..when u can play any song..
or atleast can get an "OK" tune..
Becoz it happened with me..once i was playing in a group of friends..
first i was playing some of my best numbers..but after that..hard part came..
they started requesting some other  said "hey 'papa kehte hain..' 
and play that one..then i felt helpless..coz once i found the notes of that song 
at one site..and i played too..but at that time i cudn't remember..then i just  
grinned and said ""yaar..i never heard this song carefully..
for playing this song i have to listen it carefully..""
and i saved my skin in this way :)

so i found that..just memorising will not help..i have to try myself too..well..
now i find that..i can get some tunes myself :) well still now i don't get very correct 
and full song..but now when i play..other person can at least understand that..
which song i am trying to play..

Hey..i am supposed to share Tips abt getting notations :O come to the point..

okie..the question was How to get notation of any song
and answer is very simple..learn to play..all great Pandits..musicians can play any song..
but they took many years of classical training..and for us it is a hobby..
we can't give so much time..but we can practice..Right..!!!

so u can practice in this manner..

First...find a notation from any site/book..see first it..and try to guess..
how to play second line..and so on..

Second..Non-classical approach to Raagas
go in my bookmarks list..i have given some links to Raaga-based-site..
there u will get some info abt Raaga-based-Songs..
for example..
u will find that there is one Raaga..Bhupali
it uses S R G P D notes only...that is s r2 g3 p d2..notes..
so just play srgpdSRG GRSdpgrs..and altering some notes various times..
like srr rgg gpp pdd dSS or srg rgp gpd pdS..then u will get familiar with the notes 
of this u will find at that site..
that some hindi songs are in Raag Bhupali..

i will give some familiar names here..
Dekha ek khwaab to yeh silsile huye..
Dil hum hum kare..
Hum tumse na kuch keh paaye ur finger on s..and try to play..Dekha ek khwab to ye silsile huye.. only the s r g p d notes only..
well for the hint i will say that..
for the first line..Dekha ek khwab to yeh silsile will start with s..
and will end with d'(lower octave) for this line u have to press only s r g 
and p&d(lower octave) and u will get the line..

after playing with this song..u can start playing with Dil hun hun kare from Rudali song..

and i assure u..u will learn very much..
and later on..ur ears will catch any Raag Bhupali song..or something like that :)

so this was ALL..abt finding notes of the Song.. More thing is there to say...
There is one very Easy Way to find Notations
First Get a Midi Notation software..
then come to the for Midi files..
there are a lot of files available..
and u will get the midi of ur song..
then run the midi notation software..
and VIOLA..u will get all the notation for the song..
well..this will be in Sheet notations..
and learning Sheet notation is not so tough to learn..
i taught this to one of my friend ..only in 10 minutes !!!

hmmm..later on ..i will add some info abt that to my webpage..
and i will give u some links to website..where u can learn easily

well..i wrote..whatever i know in this matter..
i wud like to have ur opinion abt this too..

Give ur feedback suggestion,modification,problems