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VK's KEYboard LESSons

This site is COOOOOOOOOL ....especially for HINDI this site..u can get Notations
for Hindi Songs with chords too...and some Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu songs too.
The notations given at this site are nearly perfect...And u can join an E-group "KEYLESS"
run by VK...I am really very thankful to him..I played all the songs given by him....
and every week i visit there to check updates.

CHIDAMT's HomePage

This is Another COOOOL site..First he was a member at KeyLess group..i used to read his mail
there..and then he said..he is going to put up a webpage..and in this so small period..he
added so many u will find TAMIL songs..nearly 277 !!! songs..and nearly
45 Songs in Hindi notations..This site helped me very much..coz i always got all new
songs here :)

MANOJ's HomePage

This is also very good website..It helped me a lot..two years searching here and
and there..i found this website..i think..this is not updated until now..There are 55 HINDI
and 10 TAMIL Songs..Songs here are OK..especially for Beginners..bcoz songs here..
do not have any complexity..


This is also a good website..u will find HINDI songs here..though some songs are incomplete
But something is always better than nothing...


This is also a good homepage..13 Hindi songs are given..some midi are there..


Aniel's Choice is not only abt has a lot to say abt India..and many good links..
Nearl 75 Hindi Songs are there..BUT only CHORDS are given..


This site has some new HINDI AND ENGLISH songs..some songs are given in Guitar Tabs..


This site has lots of information abt music..Nearly 14 Hindi songs are there..

Venketa Krishnan's HomePage

Well..Too many HINDI and TAMIL links are given here..WHICH points to CHIDAMT and MANOJ's
Song notations..i think..he is friend of Chidam and Manoj.


Nice Attempt by Mohit..He has nearly 15 Hindi Songs..and hosting an E-group "SongNotation".

Saagar's HomePage

Well..This site is abt Saagar himself..beside that he has given 7 Hindi Songs..

This is a nice's interesting that it has some HINDI POP, HINDI GHAZALs,
and GUJRAATI HINDI movies song..nearly 75% are copy of CHIDAM,VK,MANOJ,KIT GAUTAM
etc. sites..


S RAJGOPAL's Website

Well it is a pay site..u have to pay Rs.996 (Indians) or $50 (other than India)..this site
is having some Midi files..and if u will become member u can download hmmm....
nearly 700-800 songs...and this memebership will be for one year..
and u have to get a software from other website to decode these files
Previously there was Free that u can test it..but at least today it was not there
well i will visit that other time too..Well..My Advice to u is that..u shud ask abt everything emailing him..IMPORTANT thing..if u already don't have software..
First find out..from where u can get Software..otherwise some Free software comes with only
30-days evaluation Period..if u want to see the complete list of songs at that is
a difficult least for me..
I don't know..whether i can give u a Direct Link to that page..but i can guide u :)
1.Go to that website 2.Click Enter on Membership 4.Then above u will find "Search"
Button click that 5.then there will be three links under HEADING "BY TYPE"..that free tour is
is least that..another links will be there..specially in a TABLE
"Search by Type and Search by Alphabets" there u will see some animations that and u
can get the link to the name of all the songs doesn't mean that u can download those all now..u can just see..
Previously there supposed to be some 10 songs FREE..but now those are disable :(


At this site is $2 or $3 or $5.5 depends which type u want..with chords and/or
with midi files..well..important feature of this website is..that u can ask any song..
but for that charges are $5 or $7.5 or$10 according to ur requirements..Importan points to
noted...outside INDIA..minimum Payment $50..Favourites are available in Sheet notations only
AND other simple songs are sent by Snail-Mail !!


Charges per song..$1.99(Rs99) or $3.99(Rs 189)(with interlude,prelude)..min order of 10
songs is required ...Packing charges $8 or Rs99(India) Songbook format the price is less
Well..Other than This..The site has other attractive Features..visit it once..


Charges for one song $9.95+$2(shipping) minimum two songs..
Charges for one midi $9.95+$3(shipping) no shipping charge if mailed.. Charges for custom prepared songs $19.95+$2(shipping) minimum 2 songs.. Notations cannot be EMAILED !!!

Afjal Hanid's Website

Here he gives some HINDUSTANI RHYTHM in a Floppy..which u can load in ur Keyboard
and some songs notations too...I don't know abt Keyboard is very small n cute :)

Well i will keep adding..IF u know some sites..which are not here..please tell me abt
those and i will add those also..