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Musically urs' WebPage i started to build this music section too..But as They Say.."Nobody can become
Perfect in always has to keep improving" ..So this is also true abt this
Section..I will keep Building this one..and will keep adding more Info. This page is mainly for Song Notes/Notations...But I will Add some more information
abt Music...Hmmmmm..In a few words..This site might be helpful to u..If u want to
PLAY some Particular Songs on ur Instrument like Harmonium, Keyboard, Mouth Organ,
Harmonica, Banjo, Flute, Guitar etc. In this site u will find collection of Nearly 300 Hindi Movie Songs, 300 Tamil songs.
Some English, Telugu, Kannada, Malyalam, Gujraati Song Notes / Notations too. Beside these..I will Add some info abt Raagas, and info abt others instrument and
links to various Sites..whenever i will get Time..i will keep adding.. I have tried to make everything that u can download it faster..
Well ..until now..i just added Notations only..coz there are so many that I am
Always busy with this work only...Other info abt Music i will add it later
Now u can click below and enjoy Song Notes/Notations.