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Music and Stuff

Welcome to my second page


DW drums is the set to the right DW's are some of the top most used set. A DW masters set can range to about 2,000 dolars just for the drums, now for the cymbols and stands. Stands usually all cost about the same around 50 dollars depending on the quality you get. The only stand that cost a lot more is the hihat wich cost about 200 dollars. But cymbols are a much different story. A cymbol can range in price from 50 to 250 dollars.

Pro Audio(P.A.)

The P.A. is quite an important thing if playing in a small band, using at a school, an auction or for just whatever you wish to use it for. This P.A. cost about 300 dollars. It has four mic imputs and has about 70 watts of power. When you buy a P.A. make sure you buy the speaker cables also, so you can connect your speakers.

Pro Audio(P.A.)

This guitar is about 200 dollars and is called a squire guitar wich are not always the best choice just because of the quality they are made of and how long they last the sound isnt the best either. But this is a guitar that a beginner would use because its not real expensive and it dosent sound perfect mainly because it is set for a beginner and beginners dont need that perfect sound that an expirenced player would want.