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Music and Stuff

Welcome to my web site

This is a picture of a Line 6 Spider 212 watt amp. Wich is good for playing any local gigs you might be playing, or for just a good practice. This amp is lound enough for a gig but small enough to just practice with in your room. This amps price is 700 dollars.

This is a Fender Stratocaster with a wammie bar wich is most used when performing solos. This guitar comes in many different colors and is used by many of todays top guitarist around the world. This guitar comes with a mapel neck wich can some times sound better when adding distortion to your amp. This guitars price is at 500 dollars.

This amp is called a Marshall and it is used mainly in big concerts. Many bands that get many more people coming to there shows they need the bigger sound because they need that sound to travel to the last person in the room. The head is where all the power is. That small little box can give out at least 200 watts of power and the cab wich is the big speaker can take up to 350. The reason for the speaker having more power is so that you dont blow the speaker. Marshall heads cost at about 1,400 dollars the speaker cost at about 500 dollars.