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Private Room

Music File 8

~Part Time Lover~

~I Just Called To Say I Love You~


~Sir Duke~

~My Cherie Amour~

~I Was Made To Love Her~


~Hey Love~

~Signed,Sealed,Delivered, I'm Yours~

~You Are The Sunshine Of My Life~

~Ribbon In The Sky~

~Master Blaster(Jammin')~

~Living For The City~

~Uptight(Everythings Alright)~


~Send One Your Love~

~Ebony & Ivory (W/Paul McCartney)~

~All I Do~

~That Girl~

~For Your Love~

~I Wish~

~You Will Know~

~Boogie On Reggae Woman~

~Higher Ground~

~These Three Words~

~Stay Gold~

~Love Light In Flight~

~Kiss Lonely Good-Bye~

~Hold On To Your Dream~


~Rythm Of The Night~

~Who's Holding Donna Now~

~You Wear It Well~

~Stop! Don't Tease Me~

~I Like It~

~All This Love~

~Share My World~

~Single Heart~

~The Heart Is Not So Smart~

~Be My Lady~

~Stay With Me~

~Time Will Reveal~

~Need Somebody~

~Love Me In A Special Way~

~Queen Of My Heart~

~Baby Won't Cha Come Quick~

~I Give Up On You~


~A Love Thats Real~

~Cowboys To Girls~


~We'll be(United)~

~(Love Is Like A) Baseball Game~

~Slow Drag~

~Sad Girl~

~Me Tarzan, You Jane~

~When We Get Married~

~Friends No More~

~(Win, Place Or Show) She's A Winner~

~Mother & Child Reunion~

~I'll Always Love My Mama~

~I Wanna Know Your Name~


~Hang On In There~

~A Nice Girl Like You~

~Plain Old Fashioned Girl~

~To Be Happy Is The Real Thing~

~Save The Children~

~I'm On The Outside Looking In~

~Goin Outta My Head~

~Hurt So Bad~

~Take Me Back~

~I Miss You~


~Better Use Your Head~

~Gonna Fix You Good (Ever Time Your Bad)~

~It's Not The Same~

~Out Of Site, Out Of Mind~

~The Ten Commandments Of Love~

~Help Me To Find A Way To Say I Love You~

~Tears On My Pillow~


~Stop To Start~


~What's Come Over Me~

~3 Ring Circus~

~Tear It Down~

~Look Me Up~

~Welcome To The Club~

~Chasing Rainbows~

~Just Don't Wanna Be lonely~

~Summer Snow~

~Where Have You Been~