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--Patrick McInnis--


Huge thanks to John for hosting these!

Stay or Leave Coming Soon!

Crush - I recorded this over the past few days because I was really in the mood to record it. I had so much fun recording this. I really like how it ended up.

What Would You Say Jam - This was fun doing this. I recorded this in the studio with an 8 year old drummer and another amazing guitarist.

Loving Wings -> Bartender - I've thought about doing this song for a while now, and I finally did it. I did this right after I changed strings, so it sounds pretty good for the most part.

Two Step - Done Dave & Tim style. I like how the end came out.

Ants Marching into Lie in Our Graves - This is also done Dave & Tim style (most of my recordings are). This is one of my favorite recordings.

Everyday - I recorded this one the weekend I got my new guitar. I was just messing around, but it turned out decent.

Let You Down into Typical Situation - This was my first attempt at trying to do lead for "Let You Down". It's pretty bland but whatever. I plan on doing a full "Typical Situation" later.


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