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How the playwright communicates feelings and ideas.



PLOT-What Happens? The structure of the play


1.    Exposition- Background information.


2.    Inciting Incident or Conflict- The event that’s sets in motion the action of the play.


3.    Rising Action- Complications and discoveries, which create conflict.


4.    Climax- Turning point of the plot, emotional intensity of play.


5.    Falling Action- Series of events following the climax.


6.    Denouement-“Unknotting” resolution of the conflicts.



CHARACTER- Who Does it Happen to?

a)     Protagonist- main character

b)    Antagonist- person, situation, or inner conflict in opposition to the main character’s goals.

c)     Secondary Characters- all other characters other than protagonist and antagonist.


SETTING-When and where does it happen?

a)     Viewable elements

b)    Common sights and sounds to enhance time and place

c)     Sound effects and or music contribute to time and place


THEME- The playwright’s message

The theme is expressed through words and actions of the characters in a series of situations that make up the plot.  Each situation takes place in a setting.