Chapter 6: A New Day Has Begun

          Jemima was wide-awake hours before the sun was set to rise. Out of the window of the Old Ford she could see the stars twinkling in the indigo sky.  She had attempted many times to fall asleep but her eyes would just pop open.  She restlessly shifted position, but no position felt comfortable.  Jemima felt as if her brain was busily working at one hundred miles per hour.  Her thoughts kept drifting back to her blissful encounter with Mungojerrie. From their first heated kisses to their last kiss just outside the car.  She still blushed when she thought about telling him that she wanted to see him tomorrow, and the next day, and the next.  Even harder for her to believe was the pleasure he had given to her. Jemima had often heard her aunt, Bombalurina, talking openly about toms and mating, but she never said it would feel that incredible.  Jemima continued to play the event over and over in her mind as sleep finally took her, a grin stretched across her face.


A few blocks away, Mungojerrie was having just as much trouble falling asleep.


           Mungo had practically skipped all the way back to his home in Victoria Grove.  The insane smile plastered to his face caused him to get a few weird looks from passer Byers.
           He quickly snuck into the basement of his house. Rumpleteazer was already there, dead asleep, in the large basket they shared by the furnace.  Mungo was tempted to wake her but decided against it because she would probably make fun of him for being in love.  Instead he got into the warm basket and let his mind wander back to the events of the evening.  Jemima had told him she wanted to see him everyday.  He could hardly believe his luck.  The most beautiful queen in the world wanted him, wanted to give herself to him.  He decided he would ask Munkustrap and Demeter if he could be Jemima?s mate, they would get ?married? immediately and have oodles of kittens.  Mungo slowly fell asleep picturing Jemima?s face, a wide grin on his otherwise tranquil face.


           Jemima was sitting near the tire with Etcetera and Electra when Victoria and Misto came into view.  They were walking paw in paw, giggling like kittens, with huge identical smiles on their faces.

?Hi guys.? Said Victoria happily once she and Misto were in front of the three girls.  Misto just smiled and nodded at the girls before turning his affectionate gaze back towards Victoria.

?So, she finally told you she was hot for you?? Etcetera asked Misto, ?Good for her.?  At this question Victoria blushed fire engine red.

?Yes, she did.  It?s a good thing I feel the same way.? Said the small black and white tom, before kissing Victoria softly on the lips.

           At this Etcetera began to giggle hysterically, Electra groaned and made gagging noise,and Jemima just smiled, glad that Victoria found happiness with Misto.  Victoria and Misto moved a bit away from the group so they could talk privately and just be together.

           Jemima kept looking around the junkyard.  She was growing impatient.  She had been thinking about Mungojerrie non stop and she desperately needed to see him, to touch him, just to make sure the previous night hadn?t been some spectacular dream.  Her thoughts were interrupted bya loud and piercing, ?AAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!? from Etcetera.  Tugger had just entered the junkyard and was strutting confidently towards the three queens.

?Hi Tugger.? The three said politely, although Jemima?s was much quieter than the other two.

           Electra and Etcetera snuggled up close to his side. They hadn?t had much chance to say anything when Rumpleteazer appeared beside Jemima.  She went and sat down inTugger?s empty lap, thoroughly infuriating the other queens attached to him.

           Jemima?s heart began to beat like a drum against her chest.  If Rumpleteazer was in the Junkyard then that meant that Mungojerrie must not be far behind. Directly behind her Jemima heard someone nervously clear his throat and kick his foot into the dirt.  Jemima knew instantly that it was Mungojerrie and turned happily to face him.  He was standing behind her, a small smile on his face, and he was looking around nervously as if not sure where to sit.  Jemima gently tapped the ground next to her to indicate to Mungo that he should sit there. His smile grew wider, pleased that she wanted him next to her.  The other cats were deep in a meaningless conversation.  Not one of them noticing the silent exchange between Mungo and Jemima.

           Jemima wasn?t sure if she should be affectionate towards Mungojerrie, and she was afraid what her friends what her friends would say if she did.  Little did she know, Mungo was going through the same internal struggle.  He figured if they wanted to be mates then everyone should get used to seeing the two together.  Summoning up his courage,Mungojerrie slid closer to Jemima until their thighs were touching.  Then he reached behind her and gently began to stroke her lower back.  A purr erupted from deep inside Jemima and billions of goose bumps sprang up all along her body.  Jemima wanted to show Mungo her gratitude for this new touch, so she slowly inched closer to him until she was sitting in his lap.  Her back was up against his chest, and his head was resting in the juncture of her neck and shoulder.  With each of her paws Jemima found one of Mungo?s thighs and began to tenderly rub them.  This caused him to purr from deep within his throat.  Mungo began to kiss Jem?s neck softly.  Then he gently bit down on her neck.  Immediately an intense and extremely pleasurable heat shot up through her belly quickly spreading to thet ips of her ears.  Her vision clouded and she could do little to suppress the whimper coming from deep within her.

           A little while after Mungo had begun to caress Jemima?s back, Tugger and the three queens had stopped talking and watched the couple intently.  Mungo and Jemima were to wrapped up in eac hother to notice.  As the situation escalated Tugger feared that they would have ?relations? directly in front of him.

           Jemima?s mind snapped back to the real world and she suddenly realized that she and Mungo had a gawking audience.  Jemima hurriedly jumped out of Mungo?s lap, grabbed his paw and the two began running.  They left the other four cats with very astonished looks on their faces.

           Jemima quickly found a deserted pipe on a deserted part of the junkyard (how convenient).  The pipe was big enough for many cats to fit into and was warm and dry.  Jemima led Mungojerrie to the very back of the pipe, where thet wo got comfortable.

           The two cats were lying facing each other.  One of Jemima?s slender legs draped over Mungo?s hip.  They began to kiss like hormonal teenagers, their hands eagerly exploring one another?s body.  Mungo broke the kiss and began to sniff Jemima delicately.

?You?re in heat.? Mungo declared huskily.

?I?ve noticed.? Jemima answered, her chest heaving slightly from prior oxygen deprivation.

?Is this the first time this has happened, the heat I mean??asked Mungo.

?Yes.? Answered Jemima.

?I should leave, before I do something we both will regret.?Mungo said, disappointment thick in his voice.

?No, please don?t go. I need you.? Begged Jemima. ?I love you.?

           The world could have blown up at that exact moment and Mungo would have died the happiest tom in the world.

?I love you so so much.? He whispered in her ear.  ?Are you sure you want to do this?? He asked.  Please don?t say no, don?t say no Mungo thought.  Jemima nodded her head yes.  Mungo was overwhelmed with relief and began kissing her neck once more.  His paws ran up and down her body causing her to shiver and moan his name uncontrollably.  Mungo knew she was almost ready and bit down on her neck for the final steps of her preparation.

           The heat that had risen through her body outside the pipe was nothing compared to this.  She felt like something deep inside her was about to erupt.  Through the red haze blocking her vision she managed to utter a few words of encouragement.