Untitled Love Story

Untitled Love Story
by Genevieve

  The day began like any other day in the Junkyard. The sun rose in a symphony of colors. A deep purple, coral pink, warm orange-red, and finally blazing yellow. As the sun rose, its vibrant rays slowly swept across the junkyard gradually warming everything in its path. Millions of dewdrops covered the surrounding junk, and made for an even more breathtaking site as the sun glinted off the shiny, metal surfaces.

  Slowly the inhabitants of the seemingly abandoned junkyard began to awake. Some, such as the kittens, awoke bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, excited for the day to begin. It took longer for the adult cats to become enthused enough to open their sleep-filled eyes. Their kits were growing impatient and pounced on their parents to awake them in a most unpleasant manner.

  One such kitten was Jemima. She had awoken with an elaborate stretch and a soft yawn as the first sunbeam struck the windshield of the Old Ford where she resided, along with her mother Demeter.

  Jemima had been the youngest kitten in the junkyard for so long, and was overjoyed when she heard that Cassandra and Alonzo were expecting their first litter of kittens. She was glad she would have new friends to play with, and at the same time was relieved that she would no longer be the 'baby' of the tribe.

  Jemima had once seen herself in a shard of glass lying dangerously in the junkyard. Now Jemima was never one to be vain or act conceited, but she had to admit to herself that she was a beautiful queen. Ever since she could remember people had always described her as beautiful and gorgeous, but she had never seen it until that moment. Her head fur wasn't as fluffy as some of the cats. In contrast it was short and funkier, like it had been styled in a human salon. Her fur was a mixture of midnight black, deep brown, and dazzling scarlet. Her face was mostly white as was her chest and belly. Around her neck she wore a shiny spiked collar, a present from her human family who had really wanted a dog. But what Jemima liked best about herself were her eyes. They were huge in contrast to her small, pixie-like face. They were a rich brown color and sparkled like a million diamonds, no matter if she was happy or sad. They showed all of her emotions instantly, and with them she could never hide her true feelings.

(Now back to the story)

  Jemima grew increasingly bored feigning sleep and decided to get up and go see what her friends were doing at such a lovely hour in the morning. She spotted them almost immediately seeing as they junkyard was nearly deserted and they were only a few feet away from her 'home'.

  Victoria was basking in the sun, her lithe, white body arching and stretching into impossible positions, a look of pure contentment on her dignified face. Etcetera, only a few feet from Victoria, was talking incessantly to no one in particular about her favorite subject, Tugger. A giddy smile was plastered on her bright face. A few inches from Etcetera, Electra was lazily watching a piece of lint weaving through the air. Electra gave up acting bored, and attempted to knock the fiber out of the air with a strong swipe of her paw. A dramatic battle ensued in which Electra triumphantly conquered the lint. Together the four made the perfect group. There was The Princess, The Boy Crazy One, The Tomboy, and Jemima: The Sweetheart.

  "Hi, guys", said Jemima as she approached her three best friends, "How are you?"

  Victoria quickly went into a sitting position, Electra stopped 'torturing' her 'captive', and Etcetera briefly stopped her jabbering about Tugger to greet Jemima. The other two followed suit, "Hi!" Victoria and Electra said in unison.

  Then they began to do what all teenage girls do when they are alone?..they talked  about boys!!!!!!!(Simple pleasures are the best!!!!)

  "Oh Tugger is so handsome. He plays hard to get sometimes, but I know deep down that he really truly loves me." Said Etcetera. The other three chose to ignore her comments, and just smiled, then turned back to a more serious discussion. "So has Plato said anything to you since the Ball?" Electra asked Victoria. Victoria technically was no longer a kit, since she had her first mating at the last Jellicle Ball. Plato had been her partner, but shortly after the Ball he had established that he did not want Victoria for a mate, and the Mating Dance was just a way to get his 'manly needs'(LOL-manly needs).

  This news had upset many tribe members, but since no kittens were conceived there was no way anyone could make Plato responsible for Victoria.

  "No. He hasn't said a thing to me in weeks. I wish it could have been anyone else there that night. Even someone as foolish as Pouncival." Replied Victoria.

  "I know you wish it had been Mistoffolees, as a matter of fact." Said Etcetera, suddenly coming out of her Tugger induced haze. At this remark Victoria turned thirty violent shades of red, and ducked her head in embarrassment. She had always been close to Misto, but it was only until recently that she had begun to see him as more than a friend. But she wasn't entirely sure if she wanted her friends to relinquish this news, let alone announce it for the whole world to hear.

  "Well, Jemima", Victoria began, "We know that Etcetera's got it bad for Tugger, Electra likes Tumblebrutus, and that I like Misto. The question is who's got your bell ringing?" Jemima was interrupted by a loud 'AAAAIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEEEEEE' from Etcetera. This could mean only one thing. Tugger had just entered the junkyard. Jemima was slightly relieved that she was saved from answering this very personal question. Of course she knew whom she fancied, but wasn't quite sure if her friends would understand, or even approve. Just thinking of his lovely face made her heart skip a beat. She went off with her friends to see Tugger.

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