A Cat named Timothy
A Cat named Timothy

By ME!!!!!

This is a rather warped fic that I thought of. Please, it's not meant to offend anyone or anything, however if it does, please let me know By the way, I never meant it to be like A Christmas Carol
This next part contains actors and possible situations that may have occured. Please let me know if any of the following is offensive or incorrect. Thank you for reading and I appreciatate feedback!

A bright light surrounded the two cats and Timothy and Eidolon found themselves ten years from where they just were.
Timothy looked around, they were in a filming studio of some sort, with cameras and wires everywhere you looked. People were EVERYWHERE! It was loud and confusing!
" Okay quiet we're gonna run this one more time!" someone shouted above all the noise. The noise dimmed down to a hush and two people came onto a stage in nothing more than warm up clothes and CATS make-up and their wigs.
Timothy couldn't tell who they were playing.
" What and or where is this?" Timothy asked Eidolon.
" We are in a recording studio...only this time it's for video. The CATS video that is." Timothy's eyes grew wide and looked at Eidolon in shock.
" Wow! That's...that's...that's incredible! They're mainking a video after...how many years?"
" Um...let me think. It's been about sixteen years now that the show's been running."
" SIXTEEN YEARS?!" Timothy exclaimed.
" Shh! They're rehersing!" Eidolon said.
" But I thought you said they couldn't hear me." Timothy questioned.
" They can't. But I want to hear them!" Eidolon replied and turned her attention to two people coming onto the stage.
The intro to Mungojerrie and Rumpletezer suddenly came on!
Timothy got excited and began to sing along,
" Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer..." Timothy began.
" We're a nortourious couple of cats!" The two actors finished.
" Huh? I thought it was a solo!" Timothy exclaimed.
" It was...when you did it. Since then, it has been made into a duet. I don't think anyone else could handle it as a solo. Besides it a bit more interesting when performed this way!" Eidolon replied.
The song continued.
" ...And when you hear a dinning room smash!" The actors sang.
" ...or up from the pantry, there came a loud CRASH!" Timothy sang with them.
It kept going until,
" And there's nothing at all to be done about that!" When this was said, cast members began to trap the cats within their little group.
Timothy was quite impressed.
" So...ah...who's who?" Timothy asked after a minuet. Eidolon laughed.
" You mean, who's Mistoffelees?" Timothy smirked and nodded.
" Good, continue!" The director said to the cast.
A young man slowly turned around and crawled onto the floor. Intro music to Old Dueteronomy began to play.
" Old Deuteronomy?" The young man asked to no one in particular.
Eidolon nodded at the young man. " There's your Mistofflees Timothy. His name is Jacob Brent."


After rehersal, Timothy and Eidolon followed the rest of the cast backstage. The first thing Timothy saw was a rack with a few costumes on it. Timothy shuttered.
" What?" Eidolon asked.
" I'm remembering my Misto costume." He gave a look of disgust.
Eidolon chuckled.
" Timothy, the Mistoffelees cotsume isn't even on the rack. How can you be so sure, you're not going to like the Misto costume now?" Timothy was about to say something, but decided not to.
Timothy saw the cast were over near all the vanities and dressing tables. He snuck into an open closet so he wouldn't get stepped on and watched and listened.
" Guys! Guys! Hey guys!" A voice yelled from outside the door.
" What? What?"
" What happened?"
Random cast members began to reply.
A young woman ran into the room holdong a unitart up against her.
" Our costumes are done! All squeaky clean!" The woman turned to Jacob. " Your's is in there too!" Jacob smiled and ran into the othr room to get his cotume(s).
After the actors had some fun with their costumes. They turned to leave, all who were left were Jacob, the guy doing Munkustrap (Michael Gruber), and Ken Page...whom he knew.
" Jake you commin' with us?" Michael asked.
" Nah, I'm pretty tired. I think I'll just go to bed. But thanks anyway." Jacob replied.
Michael shrugged.
" Okay. See you later Jacob!" And he went out the door.
" What was that all about?" Ken asked Jacob.
" Oh, Mike and the other guys wanted me to go have some fun with them in town, but I'm just too tired. One to many toe-touches I guess!" Jacob laughed.
" Ah, I see."
Jacob stopped laughed, but his smile remained. He looked at his costume. Then a puzzling...and rather odd question came to him.
" Hey Ken, you were part of the origianl cast, right?"
" Yes I was. Why?"
" Well, if you were, then you must have known Timothy Scott, right?" Ken was silent a moment. Timothy moved forward to hear better.
" Why would he wanna know more about me?" Timothy asked Eidolon.
" Well, aren't you curious about him?" Eidolon asked. Timothy was quiet. True, he was curious about the talented young man who was Mistoffelees, but he didn't know why Jacob was so curious about him.
" Well, he was rather...picky."
" Picky?"
Picky!" Timothy exclaimed. " What made me picky?" Tim asked Eidolon.
" I'd say moody myself." Eidolon replied.
Tim made a face at Eidolon.
" Yeah, but...how was he on stage I mean." Jacob asked Ken.
Ken had a look of wonder on his face. " He was incredible, even for being sick..." His voice trailed off.
Jacob was quiet too.
It was pretty quiet there for a moment.
Timothy turned away, his mind kept thinking of what he had been battleing for years, until it ruined his life!
His expression was hard, he said nothing at all.
" Anyway, he was QUITE the dancer. As I recall, he's the only one who was able to pull off Mr. Mistoffelees while singing." Ken continued.
Jacob nodded. " And believe me, I've tried to pull it off, I keep getting winded when I do."
Ken smiled. " Why are you so curious about him anyway?" Ken asked.
Jacob paused a minuet. " I don't know...I was just wondering I guess."
Ken shrugged and turned to leave.
" Okay...that was pointless." Timothy said finally.
" Not really." Eidolon said quietly. " It's a pretty good example of what I've been trying to explain to you."
Timothy looked at her and realized they had returned to the graveyard. He really felt quite uncomfortable here.
" Do we have to come back here? I'd like the junkyard over this place any day!" Timothy said, trying to lighten up his feared sprit.
Eidolon said nothing but sat at a distance and just waited.
Timothy came up next to her.
" Um...what are we doing?" He asked.
Eidolon remained quiet.
Timothy looked puzzled but then sat down and just waited. He didn't know what they were wating for, he hoped Eidolon would clue him in if the thing they were waiting for came.
" Is that it?"
" No."
" Maybe it's over there" Voices were heard from close by.
Timothy jumped down from the little perch and followed the voices.
" Hey I think I found it!" A girl called to her other friends.
Two other girls came running over to the other girl.
Timothy couldn't see what they were looking at. He moved in closer for a better look.
The girls placed a bouquet in front of one of the headstones. " Imagine if he were here today." Said one of the girls sadly.
The others remained quiet and just looked down.
Timothy came right up beside them.
One of the younger girls looked over in his direction.
" Hey look! A cat that looks just like him!"
The other girls looked over at Timothy.
The older two looked at each other.
Timothy was stunned! " They can see me?" Timothy asked Eidolon.
" Yes Timothy they can see you. Apparently, the girls you see before you are firm believers of the jellicles and everything else...including you. They're proof that you will live on."
Timothy understood now. The gravestone was his own. His legacy as Mistofflees would live in the minds of fans for generations to come. Even if the show did close, he would be remembered. Jacob would be remembered too, all the past cast members would live on now...and forever.

" We should get going." The eldest girl said to the others and turned to leave. The middle girl followed her. The youngest one turned, then stopped and turned back to the stone. She blew a kiss to the stone, like he had done to his fans at the end of 'Mister Mistofflees'.
Now she gave him back something that he had given her!
The girls had left. Eidolon and Timothy were once again alone.
" Now what?" Timothy asked. Eidolon smiled but said nothing.
Suddenly, two orange tabbies ran past him. They were laughing.
One tackled the other and looked at Timothy.
Timothy reconized one of them to be his cat Wiskers! " Bombardos!" He breathed.
The cat who was pinned, shoved the other cat off of him and jumped on top of Timothy's headstone. He smiled at Timothy and faded away.
The other orange tabby smiled at Timothy and jumped ontop of another headstone.
The cat sat there, not saying a word.
Timothy didn't reconize the other cat, until his eyes saw the name enscribed on the stone: Reed Jones.
Reed was the original Skimbleshanks.
Timothy and Reed both were sticken down by the same enemy.
Reed smiled and as he faded away he smiled and called out: " C'mon Timothy! Join us!"
Timothy knew what to do.
He jumped ontop of his headstone and turned around.
He saw Eidolon close by, smiling at him.
Tim looked to the sky, the white clouds opened up to form a ring around him.
Timothy gave the area one final look.
" Up, up, up, past the Russel Hotel...up, up, up, to the Heaviside layer..." He sang to himself.
He gave Eidolon a final look and blew her a kiss...like he done when he was alive, so many years ago.
He lept gracefully into the air and dissappeared in a magnificent display of sparkles and magic dust.
He was happy, he was in heaviside with his friends, his familiy, and he was home.
He would always be remembered as the Original Conjouring Cat, the very first broadway Mistoffelees now...and Forever.

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