A Cat named Timothy
A Cat named Timothy

By ME!!!!!

This is a rather warped fic that I thought of. Please, it's not meant to offend anyone or anything, however if it does, please let me know By the way, I never meant it to be like A Christmas Carol

Chapter 2

A very disturbed Timothy looked around the cemetary.
It was littered with headstones...a sight he did not like to see.
A few sick saplings were planted here and there and some frozen dead potted flowers for lost loved ones were all around.
" So...WHY are we here again?" Tim finally asked Eidolon. The cold air froze his every word.
Eidolon just nodded in the direction of a large group of people all in black.
Obviously someone's wake.
Tim gulped in fear of whose it was.
" You want me to go over there?" Tim asked in a fearful voice.
Eidolon turned to him and nodded.
Tim looked at the group and slowly walked over.
Horrified he reconized everyone around him. He looked up at all the people.
" Mrs. King? Fredrick? Terrance? Ken? Guys?" Some of them were from the cast.
Eidolon floated over to him.
" Eidolon, can't they hear me?" Timn asked.
" Do you ever listen? You're just a shadow amongst all of them. They can't see you or hear...now."
" Now...you mean later they'll be able to hear me?"
Eidolon smiled. " Well, in spirit, when the time is necessary for them to hear you, yes they will." Eidolon huffed out a laugh. " But they can hear you just fine now."
Tim tried to talk to his friends.
" Guys. can you hear me? It's me, Tim!"
Eidolon began to laugh. " No, no Tim." She pulled a small case from out of no where. " They can hear you with this." She handed him the case, it was the CATS CD he had made years before.
Tim smiled and huffed out a laugh. " The CATS CD...they were good times." His eye caught something that he did NOT want to see. A large rectangular hole lay at the base at a headstone. He gulped and walked over to it. He looked down. It held a large coffin at the bottom.
Tim could feel tears begin to built up. He tried to hide them.
He forced a smile and said to Eidolon with a bit of a choked laugh, " Well, there goes my career." Tim looked back at the stone.
Why did the name TIMOTHY SCOTT have to be so big?
" I wouldn't say that." Eidolon finally said.
Tim spun around.
" What do you mean? Do you really think Andrew Llyodd Webber is going to hire a...departed cat for the show?"
" Well of course not! But you will live on." She pointed to the CD.
Tim looked at it, he studied the left eye: it was him.
He sighed and opened the case. He took out the little pamphlet that was inserted into the CD case. Across from Mistofflees/Quaxo was Timothy Scott.
He read all the song titles and memories swarmed back to him.
Suddenly he heard the intro to Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer!
He smiled and began to sing along with the tune the played eeriely in his ears.
"...and when you heard a dinning room smash!. Or up from the pantry there came a loud CRASH!..." He turned to Eidolon and smiled...he panted from dancing around and the air froze his every breath.
" So...how will I live on?" Tim asked after his breath was normal again.
Eidolon smiled and put an arm over him and began to lead him toward the exit of the yard.
" You'll find out soon enough...but I want to show you something first...some ten years from now."

Chapter 3

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