A Cat named Timothy
A Cat named Timothy

By ME!!!!!

This is a rather warped fic that I thought of. Please, it's not meant to offend anyone or anything, however if it does, please let me know By the way, I never meant it to be like A Christmas Carol

Chapter 1

This is after Timothy joined the show and we all know that he is diagnosed with AIDS.

He woke up feeling very tired, but alert at the same time. He sat up...or tried to anyway, but was too weak to do so. He lay back against the pillow.
It was a huge pillow for a hospital pillow.
He suddenly felt thirsty and hoped down off the bed to go to the sink.
But the fall to the floor was longer than he anticipated. Somehow he landed on four feet instead of two. He looked up to the sink, it was high off the floor. He stood up, but instead of standing he felt himself go into the air and land ontop of the sink.
He saw himself come face to face with an orange tabby staring at him.
He gasped. " Isn't it unsanitary to allow animals in the hospital?" He said to himself.
To his horror, the cat's mouth matched every word he said. Then the orange tabby changed color from orange stripped to black and white!
" Ahh!" He screeched and jumped back, but he fell off the sink and landed on all fours back down on the floor. " Man, what medication do they have me on?"
He looked at his hands, but they weren't hands, they were paws! Black arms but white paws!
" Man, I need to get back to sleep. This is WAY too wierd." He turned around, but as he did the door opened.
He ran under the bed to get out of the way of two doctors pushing a table with a man laying ontop.
The doctors lifted the man off the table and onto the bed. He could see that from the postion and appearance of the man that he was dead.
The doctors postioned the man so he could be seen by his familiy. Then they exited the room.
" Oh no, I hope it wasn't that guy from down the hall!" He jumped up to see the man, but to his horror it wasn't the man down the hall, it was him!
" Does he look familiar Timothy?" A voice said from above the body.
Tim looked up to see a cat stretched out on the headboard of the bed. She looked a bit like Betty after she put on the Grizzabella make-up on!
Timothy suddenly felt overwhelmed by bewilderment.
" Who...how...where...?" He tried to ask the cat questions, he knew she had the answers somehow, but he couldn't find himself to ask her anything.
" Lemme guess," The cat began, prompting herself on one elbow. " You wanna know, who I am, how you got to be a cat, and where are you? Right?"
Tim nodded shakily.
The cat saw that he was shaken up and jumped down to comfort him.
" Tim, you shouldn't be afraid! I'm just here to help you! First of all, I'm Eidolon."
" Hi, hey...how did you know my name anyway?"
Eidolon looked to the sky and shook her head, searching for relief.
" My, my...so many questions!" She looked back at Timothy. " You are a curious cat! Let me answer one at a time!"
" Sorry." He said bluntly.
" You became a cat because a past friend of your made a sacrifice for you, do you know who that would be?"
Tim thought hard, he hadn't lost anyone...except...
" Wiskers?" He asked, wide eyed at the thought of his long departed feline companion.
Eidolon nodded, her expression was soft.
" Bombardos wanted you to have this oportunety to be a cat to help another in need." Eidolon looked over Tim a moment then asked, " Do you know who you are?"
Timothy was confused at this, what did she mean, of course he knew who he was, he was Timothy Scott!
" Timothy Scott."
" No, no...who you are as a cat!" Eidolon replied.
Tim looked himself over, then remembered the mirror. He remembered the orange tabby. " Wiskers was here wasn't he?" Then he recalled how the orange tabby went from orange to black and white. Timothy gasped.
" Mistoffelees!"
Eidolon smiled and nodded. " Now, where you are: that's a hard one. To the eye, you are in a hospital room with a spirit cat and one departed broadway performer. However, in spirit as you, I and Bombardos are, we are everywhere! Past, present, and future we're always there! Just as you are!"
Tim looked confused, " Who's Bombardos?"
" Bombardos! Haven't you learned anything from your production, a cat has three names: a familiy name, a jellicle name, and a hidden name. You, being his familiy, called him Wiskers, he knew he was Bombardos, he wanted to tell you his hidden name, but the car prevented him to."
Tim thought back to that day.
" He was acting so strange that day. What was he trying to tell me?"
Timothy suddenly found himself back at his house the day before he left for 'CATS' on broadway.
" Whoa! What happened?"
" Didn't you want to know what happened that day?" Eidolon asked.
Timothy was about to say something, but decided not to. He watched as memories flooded back to him. He saw Wiskers sitting on top of his suitcase and Ms. King telling him to get off.
To his surprise he heard everything that Wiskers said that day, in english!
" Maybe I'm eating him out of house and home!" Wiskers said aloud.
" Wiskers you didn't eat too much! Wiskers?" But the orange tabby ignored him.
" Eidolon, can't he hear me?"
Eidolon shook her heard, " Nor see, or feel you. You are both shadows, not to be seen, or felt."
Tim looked back and watched and listened to him self, and his cat!
He followed the shadows of the past to the kitchen where he saw himself and his friend looking over a plan of housework he had left for him while he was gone.
" See, I can eat less!" Wiskers said to him at the table.
" Wiskers I just fed you..." His past self said to the cat and turned back to the plan.
" Alright, maybe it wasn't the food...maybe he wants my mouse!" Wiskers ran up the stairs to find the mouse.
Tim scooted up the stairs but stopped when he heard his past life say, " I'd better get going..."
He heard, " No! Not yet!" From upstairs from his cat.
He watched as he saw his cat fight with the wind stuggling to keep the mouse in his mouth.
" Wiskers!" His past self screemed.
" Bombardos!" Tim yelled.
" C'mere you lil' thing!" Wiskers said to the mouse.
Tim watched in horror as the car came, hit, and ran!
He ran to his cat then as he saw himself hold his beloved little feline friend he heard him softly and weakly say, " At least you came back." and fell limp.

Eidolon broght Tim and herself back to the hospital room and watched Tim as he hoped up on the bed and curled up into a little ball.
" He didn't want me to go." Tim said finally.
" He was afraid that you would leave him for good." Eidolon said after a moment, she put a paw on his back.
" But...he knew that I loved him more than that...didn't he?" Tim asked Eidolon.
" Yes he did...but he didn't want you to leave without knowing that he loved you either!"
Tim was silent for a while, he stared off for a moment or so, until he snapped back to the present...sort of.
He noticed that they weren't in the hospital anymore, but in a dreadful place that almost everyone fears at one point in there life: the cemetary.

Chapter 2

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