By: Eclipse

The old Queen slowly made her way down the deserted road. She knew her time was near and she asked the Everlasting Cat for strength. Raising her eyes up to the sky she saw the dark void of night, but she found comfort rather than fear in it.

"All the world is a stage," the feline murmured recalling the quote her human had read by Shakespeare, "and all the men and women merely players..." she finished still gazing into the night. Perhaps there was some truth in that she thought to herself as she leapt upon a nearby ledge. The queen looked up at the moon shining above her; it was her spotlight. The stars were eyes, her audience. They watched her silently as she danced. She danced with as much grace as she had many years before.

This time it was different though. While the smile was on her face, her eyes lacked the sparkle of liveliness they had held many times ago. This was her last performance. She knew it deep in her heart although she concealed all her pain and performed as if it were her first.

As the music ended, she knew it was time. Lying down, she closed her eyes and wished her "stage" a final good-bye. When she opened her eyes, she felt herself being lifted. She cast only one last glance at her old self; her past. She then looked on straight ahead knowing it was time to perform once again. A different time. A different place. A different life.

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